Perdana Leadership Library, Putrajaya, Malaysia

A Soft Introduction on Perdana Leadership Library, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Site Content Update 26.10.2005: As Perdan Leadership Foundation official site will be adding a Photo Gallery soon, I would think it is only appropriate for the site to host the interior pictures as well as not to replicate resources. I will provide a link when it is ready for public preview. So, this photo showcase now only displays pictures taken outside the premises.

For quite a while, I have not been seriously handled commercial photography on my own. But since MIR has been commissioned to revamp the Perdana Leadership Foundation Library web project ("Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana") which our creative team requires some good images for site development, I have to make a trip to Putrajaya, where both our Malaysian central government's administrative office as well as the Library currently locate.

The Library, which has began getting public attention via media exposure recently was loacted at Putrajaya. It is also the current working office for our retired Ex-Prime Minster, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed ("Tun" - is a most senior honorific federal title given to a Malaysian). Anyway, as MIR's last governmental technical web assignment was Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission ("MCMC") and every member in the MIR web development team was very excited over the successful allotment of this new assignment. Naturally, as photography is an essential element for any successful web site design. Arrangement has been made but we were only given an hour or so to move around certain restrictive designated areas for photography.

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Oh. for the photographers, please bear in mind pictures presented here in this site are not meant for inspiring someone how to handle existing light photography - but it was more like an introduction of this magnificent new landmark at Putrajaya. The library has an extensive reading references for researcher (due to early establishment - actually I should have asked can I send some of my collections over there..). Bring your kids, expose them, help to cultivate some good reading habit when they are young, if you can.

Since the library is a new establishment and sometimes in an official website, free use of various images taken may not be suitable due to restriction with the core web design. So, I made use some leftover photos not used for the contruction of the Official Site so as to provide an informal channel for outstation students, teachers, parents, researchers an opportunity to preview online or to include in their itinerary when visiting Putrajaya. Anyway, for whatever the reasons, here is strictly a non-official photo gallery but I would suggest you to refer to the Official Site for accuracy of facts and other content. Just in case your priority is just aiiming to seek for specific titles of books or references on our Ex-Premiers OR if you have any questions relating to this new landmark at Putrajaya, please click on the link I provided above which will lead you to the official site directly. Thank You.

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