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Lanscaping at the Back

Update: As Perdan Leadership Foundation official site will be adding a Photo Gallery soon, I would think it is only appropriate for the site to host the interior pictures as well as not to replicate resources. I will provide a link when it is ready for public preview. So, this photo showcase now only displays pictures outside the premises.

Within such a short time line given, these photographs are probably one my quickest photo assignment ever. IF you intend to use any of the images contained herein the site for personal use, educational purposes and/or web/print publications for governmental agencies, by all means USE THEM and no credit is necessary BUT a link to is always encouraged.







Pntaic car old

Old American Car fron grill

Old American Car




Rear View - lake / constrcution


Bus Sekolah

IMPORTANT NOTES: -For other matters that relates to the Foundation, I would strongly suggest visitors refers to the content found in the Official Site for accuracy). As as guideline for usage of images, please be caution that If you intend to use any of them for any form in commercial application, firstly, you have to get a written consent from the Foundation for usage of various images appeared in this site; thereafter, with the written permission, contact Editors at MIR-funded Public Community Project at for availability of other higher resolution image files. All or part of the proceed arises from such possible sale collected will be donated to our Khatulistiwa@Malaysia Nature Project.

A view from the back of  the Premises.

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