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Da Fo Si, Guangzhou

Just a walking distance from the popular shopping Beijing Street West, there is an alley that leads you into this hidden site of a 1,200 years old Buddhist temple at Guangzhou city, China. Believed to be built during the late HAN dynasty, 917~971AD the DA FO SI, Guangzhou had gone through many stages of turbulence in either politic and/or natural disaster and yet be able to retain, rebuilt many times to reach its current state. It was one of the five most important temples in Guangzhou province, each with respective rich and historical background behind them (namely: GuangXiao Temple, Liu Rong Temple, Haidong Temple and Hualin Temple). One of the main architectural highlight is the main pillar beam that was used to built for the main Vihan - believed to be contributed by the King of ANNAN (now Vietnam) back in the Qing Dynasty, and it is still form the basis for the main wooden pillar beam of the DAFOSI temple. Inside the temple was peaceful and the ambiance is calm, quiet and very peaceful. Devotees can be blessed by the monks who may be on duty. Like in many areas of similar interest, it is also not supposed to take pictures for visitors and/or tourist, but I had my way to make friends, so a senior monk had permitted me to do so when he realizes I was trying to provide a portfolio via the web use index. The three Buddha statures, well faced, all are teak wood crafted, gold liquared or painted in gold on it and each are incredibly huge in size and form, absolutely beautiful !

The DAFOSI compound is not very large, given the pricey land prices that keeps rocketing in China, it is a treasure to be still able to have a plot of land reserved for this interest. I had heard many news on possible redevelopmentredevelopmentredevelopment on this temple, but hopefully things are still able to preserve in its original form. | ANOTHER PICTURE OF INTERIOR |

TEL:- 020-83313870, 020-83335678; 020-83397916



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