BRAHMA Palace, Ling Shan, WUXI, Jiangshu Province, China

Other than the magnificient Grand Buddha Statue that emphasize scale and form, personally, I woudl think the recently completed Brahma Palace can be easily regarded as a must-see attraction in this Ling Shan Buddhist Theme Park. The Palace employs a Kazo-tower style architetural design where it combines some architectural elements of Buddhist grotto art form commonly found in China as well as it exhibits the traditional Buddhist-style. The interior has quality marvble-flooring all across, sections divided into multiples of art corridors, meeting rooms etc. which are bilateral symmetrical in its overall layout. It is spacious, clean and has a very strong ambiance of religious kind of quietness. This palace is large enough and high end facilities are so well equipped, easily be able to accomodate international class, functions, meetings, or even convention and other Buddhist thematic exhibitions.

Each visitor must take off their shoes before entering, while a protective cloth is suppiled in order to protect the mirror-like marble flooring. The three main highlights in the Brahma Palace is the Aisle Hall, Tower Hall as well as the Altar Hall.

The magnificent Tower hall has an inverted dome-like design at the roof top (see bottom picture), the approx. 60 m top-up arch roof is specticular in the sense designer has incorporated modern visual effect to exhibit ever-changing lights to portray the Buddhist universe. You probably will end up with a neck pain after prolonged period of viewing with your head up but it is so inviting to the eyes and hardly you will move your sight to else where.

At the long path of the tower hall, you will see another magnificient wall of light at the other end of the Altar Hall...

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Address: LingShan LU, Ping Hai Qu, WUXI, Jiangshu Province, China. TEL:-
+0086-510-85686166 ,FAX:+0086-510-85689001



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