High quality, genuine Soomdet / soomdej Wat Rakang Buddhist amulet in natural crack surface textures
During a recent trip to Ipoh, I went to visit Mr. Ho Fook Sang and went into his private room of collections. Somehow something lead me away from the normal work desk in his room, where a corner in his huge collections hide an old box. I climbed up and took it down and upon opening, I notice a set of very high quality Soomdej Wat Rakhang amulets. After close examination, I called Mr. Ho in and asked whether he knew those amulets. He told me that was a very old collection and was offered by a good friend who was serving duties at the Wat Rakhang temple during its release. He knew those were good but it just has too many of them in his room and had no time to properly record all them orderly. Well, at least he knew that was WRK Soomdej issued in commemorating 100 years of Soomdej Toh which was released as a commemorative batch back in Buddhist Year 2539.

Actually, I have seen some of Soomdej WRK 100 years Amulets on the Internet but it is very hard to verify via usually small pictures posted. The amulets photos here comprised of two individual units and I have provide individual explosive views for some of them to let viewers to view its details. One of the main difference of these pieces from others that I have seen so far was it "cracks" in natural form. In Thai, we call these "phenomenon" as "TEK-LAI-NGAR" which may means "cracks". These batch of Soomdej WRK were in original form and had never been opened since its official release back in Buddhist calendar year 2539. It has preserved in its original state inside the small casing. Actually, there are around 28 pieces of these and I was thinking for those who may be seeking for their first amulet, this can be a very good entry Soomdej image. To save you time and satisfy your curiosity, I have asked how much would he like to dispose individually. He answered not in a hurry to dispose them but may consider RM300-00 a piece.

Well, as neutral party I am not selling these for Mr. Ho but would think (depends on individual spending budget) that it is a fair price because rather than spending wasteful time to locate a good SOOMDEJ can be equally hard nowadays. Actually, I didn't hesitate and had took two of these as I personally think these are very high quality Soomdej WRK images. Well, it was not for personal collection but as I have promised two good friend of mine in China to search for a good Buddhist Amulet for them. So, it is more like a gift and secondly, pay some compensation as Mr. Ho had spent quite some time to chant and blessed for me & my amulets. Well, actually I got them at a small discount, hehe..

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