100+ years old San Bao Dong Cave Temple, Perak, Malaysia, Heritage reliogious site
The Kuan Yin / Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy or Miao Shan, Wikipedia Explains) Statue was part of a scheme in temple upgrade occurred a couple of years ago and has established as one of the LingXian Yan's highlight. Currently, this is easily the highest Kuan Yin in Ipoh city (but compare to Penang's Kek Lok Si bronze Goddess of Mercy it is far smaller in size and dimension). Personally, I think the facial expression requires improvement to reflect the Kuanyin's merciful look. Overall, except for the excellent marble based Buddha statue at San Bao Dong, Buddhist statues in Ipoh city has some influence of Indian architecture and design. Early design are more of clay-made and at later years it was probably make of both cement and plaster. But most of all, they lacks artistic touch where I hope they can be improved upon in the future.

Note: Kuan Yin is an extremely popular Goddess in Chinese folk belief and is worshipped in Chinese communities throughout East and South East Asia (which includes Japan and even Korea). Similar to Buddhist, Kuan Yin is revered in the general Chinese population due to her unconditional love, compassion and mercy. She is also seen as the figures to turn to for the unfortunate, the sick, the disabled, the poor, and those in trouble.

<<<---A side view of the said Kuanyin Statue as well as a four faced Buddha that locates at the right hand side of the entrance. Both have strong following in this northern city.

Among other Buddhist statues and figures, Ling Xian Yan also have a host of other popular Chinese legends and wealth enhancing characters on display. This is one happy spot for the kids, esp. when the parents are performing ritual prayers inside the temple.
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100+ years old San Bao Dong Cave Temple, Perak, Malaysia, Heritage reliogious site