100+ years old San Bao Dong Cave Temple, Perak, Malaysia, Heritage reliogious site
Shown is another God of Wealth / Prosperity as well as Guan Gong which serves as welcoming and guarding the temple's compound. By the way, Choy Shen Ye as it is called by Cantonese is actually a very original Malaysian "pioneered" Buddhist Character, and has been worship by many Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese, esp., the businessman. Internally, probably due to restriction of its depth, the temple main ritual hall is not very far inwards, instead, it goes horizontally. The rocky ceiling is practically darken due to burning of incense and candles years in years out. A shop was there to serve visiting guests or worshippers Majority are of musical and jadeite amulets.

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Buddha Statues at Main Hall (Vihara) of Sam Bo Tong Cave Temple, Ipoh

The side structure of Ling Xian Yan has a separate section to host the Mei Hou Wang (Hansome King of all Monkeys or simply referred as Monkey King) which depicts from a popular Chinese novel, Journal to the West. He was one of the three (Pigsy and Sand Priest to assist (Tang) Xuan Zang, a Buddhist Monk, to make his pilgrimage across western China to the origin of Buddhism (India) in order to bring back the sutras for the Buddhist in China. The character is famed for his antics of trickery, deceit, disobedience but it has established itself as a legend on his own.

The statue is easily the best made figure in Ling Xian Yan Cave Temple. I took a closer view to let you see the craftmanship of the creator.