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When I was a kid, our family lived in a small disgarded mining town and we were damn poor. I like ART form a lot and was busy sketching trying to enroll in POP magazines for some extra pocket money. At tthat time, I only have RM2-00 to spare monthly when each time my parent came back from work (My dad worked in an open cast tin mine while my mum planted vegetables for a living... ) toward end of the month.

Time was tough then. I thought probably I will never have any chance to travel even when I grow up one day. When I arrived at the city to search for a living and studies back at the mid of seventies, I knew I may not have the resources to continue cherishing a dream to be an artist or graphic designers as I still have to struggle in KL to earn for both studies and feeding my stomach. One fine day, I was reading a book relating to journalism and I thought that could the right path for me to get a way out. I started saving weekly .

I worked as a office boy during the day and continued to finish my lower and upper sixth form at an evening class.. and my caring elder brother who worried so much for my future has also enrolled me to pick up draftmanship. I have been on such schedule for about two years and one day, I decided to drop out of studying because the school fee comprised almost 1/3 of my monthly income and I have not had a proper lunch during the 3 years duration.

I knew in order for me to cherish my dream I need to picked up some essential surviving skill. As I came from a place where English was hardly spoken, my English was poor. So, when I came to the City, there is no other job that I can find as I have trouble even attempting to read a Newspaper in English! So, my poor English was actually self taught from comparing translations between a Chinese Daily and my Boss's English paper, aided with an Chinese/English Dictionary. After a year of careful saving, I finally bought myself a used Nikon FM with a 50mm standard lens and began my journal in photography.

The beauty is, I have not been able to learnt from anyone except evaluating picture and images from my late Boss's subscription of National Geographic magazines. even by now, I was still heavily inclined and favored journalistic approach to photograph.

So, I shoot for others on PR assignmmets to slowly increase my collection of photographic equipment and I even started to trade later. Most of my experience dealing with cameras and lenses were acquired from such trades. During the early eighties, I was offered an opportunity to picked up a scholarship to study Graphic Design in Australia. well, when it rains, it pours. I had another offer by my late Boss to be a full time salesman handling marketing in one of their new business selling Computer Business Form. Between the heart and mind, I picked up the latter as I was already 21 years old by then, and I don't think I still have the luxury to dedicate anymore time studying. But the real thing was, I found via the viewfinder of an SLR camera, I can still enjoy what I like.

Things have changed for the better since then. I have found a lot of job satisfaction when the Company < Computer Forms (Malaysia) Berhad > eventually managed to acquire a listing status at The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. I left the premises in 1987 as I sensed the long recession which began during the early eighties will be soon over and I setup my own business hopefully to ride on with the boom. I was quite lucky for being timed my move so precisely and hitchhiked along with the 10 years economic boom.

The RM5,000-00 capital has spring boarded me to begin other investments. Some of my babies are listed below.

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Well, I not a wealthy man measured by any Malaysian standard but those suffering days of even trying to find five cents in my room was so difficult were well behind me now. I am grateful for the right economic atmosphere I enjoyed when I started my career. Probably by now you can understand WHY I am willingly to commit RM100,000-00 just to fund a non-profitable private project such as Khatulistiwa@Malaysia. Well, stupid you may say I am, but I do believe I have to pay back something back to community where I think I have taken something from others.

Photography now remains as my hobby. I knew where is the limitation of journalism and I don't think I have any sense of regret for not pursuing further in my dream. When I started MIR and I just trying to use the convenience of being a web operator to talk about a hobby that I enjoy that much. Probably never thought of why; but I seriously felt there could be many talents out there who may not had their dream cherishes because camera and lenses are ridiculously high. I don't think their chances should be robbed off because of high cost of entry in a supposedly cheap hobby. The Classic SLR camera Profiles was aimed to inspire those possible talents that they DON'T NOT have to spend a lot just to pick up a healthy hobby such as photography. If that intention works, I will be glad, but if it doesn't, well, just let those writings be archive to chronicle development of 35mm SLR camera. After all, I still find I cannot type faster than my mind and neither I am writing very well. Other than that, it also serves another objective which is equally important.

Although I am not a good photographer, but many of my friends are.
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