A friend recently called me on a stormy night and told me how much he treasures friendship between us. I asked why was he so emotional - he said in a sadden voice " ... I am 55 now, I have just did a head count and I suddenly realize I don't even have 5 good friends in my life ...and you are one of the rare three that I can count on ... Leonard, if you have more than 5 buddies that you can trust with your life on, you should be a very happy man on earth ... ".

The conversation has left me felt very uncomfortable because I have not , like him started such a stupid counting and "verification process" under the blanket just to find out how many "real friends" do I actually have thus far ...

Have you ?

Well, I did. I slept very well for the rest of that night because I am glad fingers on my LEFT hand was not sufficient to host the answers and I stopped counting because I'd really DON'T want to find out how many faces were not being classified as not being a real friend of mine .... But it was kind of a scary experience because such are the kind of things that was not exactly what you intended to find out with the TRUTH. I may have thought I can recognize thousand of faces.. but I really don't want to be like my friend who has just found a cruel reality that sucks at the aged of 55 .... Well. some of you may think you have plenty of friends, but FACT remains, 90% of them are just people that you know. Probably another 6-8% are very close friends, and .... But deep in your heart, you will know who can qualify in a life or dealth situation. Pity huh ??

Your level of self confidence should put to test tonight after reading this. Come to think of it, there are a couple of BILLION people living in this planet - and I don't understand why is it so difficult just to locate some common life form that you can comfortably referred them as your friends ? I think probably because human race are genetically in born to be defensive against intruding outsiders who may have different mind sets. We like to be capsuled inside a self set community while in the mean time, evaluate who should be allowed to enter into the capsule. Unfortunately, most often money can help to determine who is your friend, that is a sad state of life. Well, I have a different kind of interpretation for money and I think probably that could the the main reason why I can have "above average" figure than many others... Well, I don't want to know what is your priorities, but next time when you mentally ready, take a good look around you again, don't be so defensive and treasure what you have beside you. Well, probably you may able to distinguish many other things that you might not have thought before. Err ..... before we part, please don't mail me relating to this topic, I am genetically, an imperfect species within the human race too and I have many weaknesses, reading, debating and arguing are just some of them.

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Me ? A retiree, aged: 44 (1,000 days ago) - other than a Sexy animated alligator(s) at home, there are a few little devils who can pull my heart strings directly via a sunny face during weekend, an ugly duckling whom I temper a lot and also a few faces who often mislead others thinking they are mine too.

As for me, the only apparent problem you can picked on me is, male hormone in me is still excessively active. All those "nature heritage' (especially the gifted ones) in and around shopping malls and sidewalk cafes can still excite me, at my age - I guess that can be considered as a big relief for a man at late 40, huh ?

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