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If God does exist, Don't we look like living in colonies in his eyes just like how we look at ANTS ?

99.999% of the billions of population in this planet will not matter to you because you don't know or even have seen any of them after all. Ants have their communities. Most of the time, they behave well and perform their duties respectively. They fights at times to protect intruding alien or even among themselves. To expect our billions of population on earth living with each other peacefully is an impossible dream. Because all of us have differences culturally, religiously with differing customs and values.

So, they were wars before us, now and then and there will be more wars to come in coming years. Some theories suggest unification of races and beliefs may reduced such conflicts. But unfortunately, as long as they are aggression, they will be confrontation. You can blame the two dividing Christians and the Muslims Groups which between them each has billions of faithful followers but frankly, behind each of these beliefs again they have segmented into varying factions; so even though there is only one God on this Earth, they will still be WAR among the people which shares the same belief religiously.

So you can only teach and learnt to be more tolerance and respect other's belief. Just like I thought my son how to react to others aggression -
If I have been called as a "Bastard", I have to admit I am one - because my father is a Hokkian and my Mum came from Schezuan Province* where both of them speak different dialects. IF I care what others remarks, probably it will end up with some fists exchanges or high flying legs ... that is how fight usually begins. On a larger scale, War breaks out between countries.

If you can digest and get over with it, that should be fine.

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* Hokkian & Schezuan are two provinces in China. "Wintering" is a phenomenon that the rubber tree crops experiencing a seasonal dry season where the leaves dry and drop to change new growth. It affects the yield of rubber latex and generally, global commodity price of rubber will rise during this duration as world output drops. Malaysia is also one of the world's largest producer of raw rubber latex and related industrial products. Shot taken with a Nikkor 500mm f/8.0 Reflex Nikkor lens and a Nikon FM2 camera.