Weekly or periodically, we will exhibit selection of pictures selected or nominated by others. This site is created primarily for those who dedicated their time and effort in the field of photography and we are using this site to interact with other photographers local & abroad and co-promoting each others' work.

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# Update: They have deleted the pictures displayed within for the winning entries under all categories a week ago. BUT still can bookmark for the coming results that will soon be broadcasting there.

The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar 1996 Photography Competition Winners site was my personal recommendation for month of November. The site features past winner of 1995 as well. The result of the coming 1997 Seminar will be featured soon and thus I hope this recommendation can remind you to bookmark the site for updates. To promote photojournalism - nothing better than giving the site a booster, at least this is the part as a web site operator can do to help. After all, the site has never been short of excitement - as far as those who are hungry for raw pictures to view. Sales enquiries for the winning photos can be dealt with them as well.

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