"Malaysia, Beneath the Waves", by Michael Patrick Wong, Published by ODYSSEY Publishing, Singapore. A project sponsored by: Malaysian Airline System Berhad (MAS)

"Sipadan - Borneo's Underwater Paradise", by Michael Patrick Wong, Published by ODYSSEY Publishing, Singapore. This publication was voted as " The Best International Underwater Photography Book" 1992.


Born in Sarawak, Borneo, Michael Patrick Wong graduated from The Royal London Hospital as a dental surgeon and now runs a successful dental practice in London.

Introduced to scuba diving in 1982, he soon became an enthusiastic amateur marine naturalist dedicated to underwater photography. It is this passion that brought him back to his native country Malaysia to capture the mesmerising images of its incredibly rich marine life.

Michael's eye for detail and artistic composition of his subjects has won him numerous National and International photographic awards. His very first book
SIPADAN - Borneo's Underwater Paradise won the prestigious international award - Prix Mondial Du Livre D'image Sous Marine - 1992 (Best Underwater book in the World 1992) at the 19th Festival Mondial de L'image Sous Marine in Antibes Juan Le Pins, France.

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A little fun relates to his underwater housing...
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Update: I felt so sorry because I didn't know my staffs have put up a page a month back to let surfers buy the two books online, anyway here is the URL if you are interested:
Well, I think you can screeeeeeze him to hand sign the copy that you intend to purchase. After all, hey - I am promoting his work free of charge, fair deal, right ? But his hard work truly deserves more than just swapping your credit card once...

Latest: All printed copies of "Sipadan - Borneo's Underwater Paradise" has sold out ! Michael's latest Video, "Sipadan - Secret of the Turtles' Tombs" was recently featured on the National Geo.gif Michael is shooting his second movie on high definition TV format now.

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