Equipment used:

Underwater photographs were taken using Nikon F4 SLR cameras and Pentax LX model, with lenses ranging from 16mm to 105mm micro. They were placed in a specially manufactured and custom made Hugyfot and Nexus underwater housings by my good friends. Sea and Sea YS200 strobe units were used to light the subjects. In strong currents, Nikonos II and III cameras were used with a 15mm lens. Film used was by Kodak, either Elite 50 or 100 ASA.

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fun on his Underwater Housing - by Friends... |

Hugyfot and Nexus underwater housings:
I will put up these genius works here later, highlights on how the housing works under the water. They deserved the credit, as these are specially tailored made housings for the project. Constant refinements and upgrading made these works very reliable now.

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