vincent0130klmdm.jpg vincent0606mdm.jpg vincent829salemdm.jpg
Asian Financial and Political Turmoil .. 1998 Forest fire in Indonesia caused huge environmental issue, '97 Asian Financial crises - The day after '97...




Close encounter of the Titans ..2001

Tian An Men Square, China, 2001
Speed... Commonwealth Games, '98

vincentRitual1mdm.jpg vincentritual2mdm.jpg vincentTowerCarmdm.jpg

Ritual ceremony, the Malaysian Chinese Way

.Ritual ceremony, the Malaysian Indian Way
Malaysian Entry into Formula 1 Racing ...2001
vincent810princemdm.jpg vincent0225mdm.jpg vincentgamesmdm.jpg

New icon of Monarchy in Brunei, 10/08 y2k

World table tennis circuit, 2002

SEA Games, Brunei, 2002

World Cup Champion.jpg President of Philipines.jpg Indonesian Politic.jpg

World Cup Hockey Triumph

.The charming Philiphino President, Gloria M. Arroyo
The day after ...
MahathirALGore.jpg East Timor.jpg vinthianWinShotsml.jpg

An encounter that have changed a political scenario.

East Timor prior to independence ..

A NPPA BEST of Photojournalism 2003 Winning Shot...
vincentKabulwomensml.jpg vincetkabul5sml.jpg vincetramatansml.jpg

Kabul women, the day after...

.Kabul, the day
Ramadan, Kabul - the day after ...

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