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Dealth Valley..

Contributing images used in the Canon EF Lens Resources site


Dealth valley..,. Dipl.-Ing.Johannes Huwe EF 35mm




Portrait of a women


solitaire Snow scene..

Portrait.. JoeMaMA Canon EF 35mm


Interior use of ultrawide, Anders Östberg EF 35mm fashion



Politically.. Daman Lynch Canon EF 35mm


Sensual.. Benny Kit Lui Canon EF 85mm




Potraiture with short telephoto lens



Studio Potrait..Eldor Gemst Canon EF 85mm


Reflection..William Brennan EF 85mm

Froggy Fountain..

Portrait in Studio..

Kid portraiture

  Fern with depth of field

Froggy Fountain. Brucegilling EF 35mm

Portriat in Studio, Chris Gray EF 35mm

JOE (JoeMaMA) Canon EF 100mm


Fern Jeff Lim Canon EF 85mm

Sunny girl in windy sunshine

Birds on the wire

Kids at play at the bridge


Windy day JOE (JoeMaMA) EF 85mm

Birds on thw wire, CL CHICK EF 85mm

JOE Canon EF 100mm


Flower Jim Natale EF 100mm

The Jetty..



The jetty.. Timothy Bateman Canon EF 100mm


Kid, JOE Canon EF 100mm


Macro/close-up abstract..


Macro of split KIWI fruit

Close-up... SIMON L Canon EF 100mm


Close-up... Joshua Ong, Dr.EF 100mm MACRO




Body contour line


Bees and palm flower

Sensuality... Eldor Gemst Canon EF 100mm MACRO


Palm seeds and bees... Personal Contribution


beautiful Malaysian Girls


NOTE:- Due to scaling purpose, some of the thumbnail(s) may exhibit some slight distortion, please CLICK and visit the actual photo location used as appeared on various sections in the EF lens that relate.

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Malaysian Girl... Chan Siew Khee EF 100mm MACRO