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ROSE Flower pedals

Contributing images used in the Canon EF Lens Resources site


Rose Pedals..,. Richard Nicholls Canon EF 50mm MACRO






Bee Hives

Chocolates..,. Hubert J Steed Canon EF 50mm MACRO


Bees hives..,. Mike Niemi Canon E65mm MACRO




Water droplets  

Beer bubbles

Water Droplet.. Bernard Canet Canon E65mm MACRO


Beer Bubbles..,. Mark Schretlen Canon E65mm MACRO






Snake in Tropical forest

Lantana. Private Contribution


Back to Nature, Michael P Wong EF 180mm MACRO




Insect nature


Telephoto effect, Indian arc Cave temple

Jakob K. Rohrbach Canon EF 180mm MACRO


Temple Arc at Cave temple, Private Contribution


Freeze in action gymnastic


Glamour  photography

Freeze in mid air... SING-LO EF 200mm f/1.8L


Model in backlit sun, Dr. Joshua Ong EF 200mm f/1.8L




Speed race on the icy path


Lone figures at the distant scene

Speedy icy race... Vincent Bourrut EF 200mm f/2.8L


Speedy icy race... Mark Schretlen Canon EF 200mm




Tlak in the semi-trans tunnel


Water movement

Chat in a tunnel... Mark Schretlen Canon EF 200mm


Water movement... Jeff Lim Canon EF 200mm




Artful figures at the beach


Whale breathing at sea bay

Figures at the sunny beach.. Timothy Bateman EF 200mm


Whale Breathing, Mark Schretlen EF 200mm




Untitled.. Zebra ladies

Beautiful evening portrait, glamour

Authumn leaves

Zebra ladies, CAVEMAN LEE EF 200mm

Beautiful evening post, SING-LO EF 200mm f/1.8L

Leaf..,. Chan Siew Khee EF 50mm MACRO

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