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"Nikon Hand Book" by Peter Braczko (Publisher: Fountain Press) is a very good reference book on various MF/AF Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses. It covers even the Nikon Rangefinder series and quality of prints and pictures are high. Contains hundreds of black and white images and illustrations. Explanation was brief at certain sections but it was direct and straight forward. Comes with quite a high price tag.

Other equally interesting / useful reading references on Nikon 35mm cameras, Nikkor lenses and its system accessories:
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"Nikon and Nikkormat way"
by Herbert Keppler
Focal Press, London

Black and white illustrations. But it contains the most extensive information on various lens types, descriptions of lens types and useful data sheets on macro, magnification ratios, flash sync charts, and other facts and figures relating to system accessories. A good source of information esp. relates to older series of Nikon MF bodies and lenses. Does not cover AF series. Comes with a fair pricing and presents good value.
  "Nikon System Handbook"
by Moose Peterson
Silver Pixel Press

Black and white images. A definitive book if you are a die-hard Nikon faithful as information contained are written from a perspective of an excessively "Nikonian" nature. Contains enough of good reference sources and input his own experience especially relating to newer series of AF Nikon bodies and AF-Nikkor lenses. It also provides an useful account on serial numbers and production dates for various Nikkor lens series. Certain information on MF series may need rectification/updating (based on 5th edition). Reasonably good overall reading value.
  "Nikon Rangefinder Camera"
by Robert Rotoloni
Hover Collection Books

The best reference book thus far on Nikon rangefinder series. Information on old rangefinder Nikkor lenses is in particularly superb and interesting to read. Does not contain other newer series of SLR models nor Nikkor reflex lenses. Quite pricey but a good coffee book for collectors on old Nikon rangefinder bodies and lenses. Pictures are in less desirable black and white.

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"MacBroom's Camera Bluebook"
by Michael Macbroom
Amherst Media, Inc.

All about indicative prices...
On all new, used items on various brands, makes and formats. Black and white images with some thumbnail images. A great reference book for shoppers and/or who wants to get a rough indication on fair pricing to dispose his/her hardware.
Nikon Sales Manual , 1970
"Nikkor Lenses Sales Manual '70"
by Nikon, Japan.

GOOD references on Nikkor lens group during the '70.

I have another bind copy with loose sheets - a full set version on the Nikkor lens group during the 60 when the Nikon F was just launched. Most materials are still using Nippon Kogaku trade name.

The Nikon Manual by George B. Wright - rangefinder system references
"The NIKON manual"
A complete hand book of 35mm technique (RF rangefinder system)
by George B. Wright
Universal Photo Books, NY.

A 1957 publication. In line with the Nikon SP. Detailing many system accessories around the Nikon rangefinder system. Pricey even at used condition. Paid USD65-00

The Eyes of Nikon, by Nikon Japan

"Eyes of Nikon", 1982
by Nikon Corporation, Inc. Japan.

Excellent hardware guide on the Ai and Ai-S stage on the huge family of Nikkor and Series E optic appearing during the'80. Out of print.

Nikon RF information magazine
"Nikon S rangefinder models magazine - Nikon Legend, May 31, 2000" by

Author of Nikon Legends magazine vol 31 may 2000

Publisher:- Shokakukan, Japan 2000

One of the best magazine published on Nikon rangefinder models. Old and hard to find (published on 31th May, 2000). It used the Nikon S3 Y2K (remake of the classic Nikon S3) as the basis and outlined changes and recorded history of other S models. The RF Nikkor lenses section have excellent illustrations. Bought this online via Kevin @ USD96-00. Pricey but worth it. It forms as one of the basis for my RF lens section.

Anymore ?
I don't know. These books are either on loan from friends or bought it used. Err .... while the stock market is still at its current undesirable state, I have no money to buy new ones. Bad huh ?

LEICA System Collectors guide Zeiss Compendium East & West: 1940-1972
Cross References/Recommended journals on German Carl Zeiss and Leica materials:

Dennis Lanley
- LEICA Collectors guide (Hove Books)
Charles Barringer (Author), Marc Small (Author) - Zeiss Compendium East & West: 1940-1972 (Hove Compendia)

An Illustrated History on Leica - Camera - Volume 1 An Illustrated History on Leica - Lenses/optic - Volume 2 An Illustrated History on Leica -System Accessories - Volume  3
James L Lager's "An Illustrated History of Leica Series" Vol. 1 (camera); Vol. 2 Lenses / Optic; Vol 3 covers System accessories. A must reference books on Leica System. Pricey but you can get excellent references.

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