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The mid seventies were very eventful. Automatic exposure camera has gained its acceptance. Olympus, after introducing their ultra compact mechanical OM-1 SLR camera in 1972 it was followed by the an equivalent sized automatic exposure TTL OTF SLR body - OM2 in 1975. This brought a new dimension in compact camera design. Pentax, with their bayonet K-mount introduced their automatic version SLR in the ME around in 1975, the same year Canon launched the highly successful automatic AE-1, complete with a dedicated motorized winder. Minolta eventually kicked started the multi mode automatic AE revolution with the XD-7 in 1976, followed by an even more successful Cannon A-1 in 1977. During this period, Nikon had been very successful with the professional class Nikon F & Nikon F2 system cameras, supported by the Nikkormat as mid tier models aimed at taking on the rest of competitions. The Nikkormat EL series (EL 1972/12, ELW 1976/2, EL2 1977/5) offered automatic exposures. In 1977, the AI (Automatic Indexing) F-mount was introduced as well as five Nikons - the Nikkormat FT3, Nikon FM, Nikkormat EL2, Nikon F2A & Nikon F2AS -also able to take full advantage of this 'newly' revised F-bayonet lens mount.

In between the bigger & bulkier but very ruggedly built Nikon bodies of the professional F series models and the Nikkormat, both compact sized Nikon FM/FE were officially introduced a year apart - FM in 1977 & FE in 1978. The Nikon FM and FE complimented the Nikkormat models in the earlier days. All four models (EL2, FT3, FM & FE) were marketed together (incidentally, the last of the Nikkormat series, the EL2 started using the universal name of "Nikon" instead of "Nikkormat" and it is the first Nikon AE camera that used the revised AI mount). The Nikkormat were eventually discontinued as both the FM/FE were more popular and very well received. In many ways, they have better features, especially in the area of system accessories offered. Nikon has introduced three "FE" models since 1978. Namely, the Nikon FE (1978/1984), Nikon FE-2 (1983/1989) and the current Nikon FE-10 (1997/ ?). The FE-10 is very often the camera of choice for craft school students who are learning the photographic basics or those who wishes to have a economical entry into the huge Nikon photographic system. The
Nikon FA (the multimode Nikon with Shutter Priority and Programmed AE), introduced in the same year as the FE-2, looked very much like an extension of the series but it is a lot more sophisticated than any of the models within the FE series, both in operation and some compatibility with the new Nikkor lenses, thus, it deserves a separate category - but I am still grouping it under the FE series.

Nikon users will acknowledge the fact that some of the models within the Nikon FE series present a very attractive option as a sole or back up body. This site will detail and provide some useful information relating to respective FE models' camera operation, compatibility issues and general info. Most of these bodies are extremely well made, friendly to use and highly dependable imaging tools (A little reservation with the Nikon FE-10) and will generally provide a user with a very satisfying experience should you choose one for your personal use. In year 2001, Nikon has surprised the entire photographic community by introducing a Manual Focus SLR which seemingly works and feel like a Nikon FE2 but it has a hybrid mechanical shutter, the
Nikon FM3A combines the best of mechanical FM2n with the FE2 and you can also safely regarded it as a "Nikon FE3".

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Recommended links to understand more technical details related to the Nikkor F-mount and production Serial Number: by: my friend, Rick Oleson by: Hansen, Lars Holst

W A R N I N G: The New G-SERIES Nikkor lenses have no aperture ring on the lens, they CANNOT ADJUST APERTURES with any of these manual focus Nikon FE series SLR camera models; please ignore some portion of the content contained herein this site where it relates.

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