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It may not be appealing to a guy like me who lives in the tropical belt and never enjoys living in cold weather. Anyway, for those who have to work in cold climates, the motor drive powered F3 with anti-cold power cell such as NiCd battery pack MN-2 should be able to help you sail through safely.

However, if you don't own a Motor Drive MD-4, Nikon does has an alternative external power source called Anti-cold Battery Pack DB-2 (Shown at left) that plugs into the battery compartment, replacing the tiny button cell(s) for the Nikon F3. It accepts two AA-type batteries, as an alternative power supply to the batteries inside the camera body. Simply connect the DB-2 to the camera body, then slip the assembly inside your pocket or coat to keep it warm. This assures that the camera's metering system will function even in very cold temperatures.

* Some alternative battery options available for cold weather. Relative: Compatible button batteries/power sources for Older cameras and newer series.

Camera cases, neck straps, hoods etc...

Right-Angle Viewing Attachment DR-3

Excellent for copy work, the DR-3 provides an upright, unreversed image for right angle viewing. Provides 100% viewfinder coverage from a convenient 90° angle. Individual eyesight adjustments are possible. Facilitates low-level viewing Dioptre adjusts from -6 to +3. Requires Mounting Adaptor DK-7 No Adaptor is required for use with F3 and FM2. Adaptor required for other bodies such as F601s / F601 / F50 / F501/ F401x / F401 / F301.
Eyepiece Magnifier DG-2

Provides 2x magnification of the central portion of the finder image. Useful for critical focusing in close-up photography. Eyesight adjustment provided. Dioptre adjusts from -5 to +1. Requires Mounting Adaptor. DK-7 for F90x / F90 / F801s / F801 / F4/ F3HP/F3T(P & H). Adaptor required for other bodies such as F601s / F601 / F50 / F501/ F401x / F401 / F301.

Eyepiece Adaptors Eyepiece adaptors enable you to attach the DR-3 or DG-2 to finder eyepiece.

eyecuponf3.jpg eyepiecef3.jpg
Rubber Eye cups Increase viewing comfort and prevent stray light from entering viewfinder and washing out contrast.

Eye cup: DK-2 for F4S, F3HP; DK-3 for FM2, FE2, FA; K-6 for F90x, F90, F801 or F601 etc. DK-4 for F3 DE-2 finder. For F3 HP users, a DK-2 is a real good investment for strain relief when you are engaging in long shooting sessions.

Eyepiece Correction Lenses An easy-to-use viewing and focusing aid for near- and farsighted photographers, which enables them to view the finder image accurately without having to wear their eyeglasses.

Eyepiece Adaptor DK-7 (For F4S, F90x, F90,F801s, F801,F3HP (With DE-3 High Eyepoint Finder), F3T (DE-4), F3P & F3H (DE-5) finders: Required for attaching all standard size eyepiece accessories to the larger size thread mounts of High-Eyepoint cameras.

Accessories for Remote Control (Other than cord based accessories, many of these would require to work with the Motor Drive MD-4 for Nikon F3)

Nikon remote control lets you stay out-of-sight while your camera stays within range and avoid disturbing the action. There are two ways of enabling remote photography, first is a simple and cheap way of using remote cord - which has limited working distance. The second way is by means of true dedicated remote accessories which has more functions and usually has great working distance (furthest reach unit can control remotely beyond 2,000 feet !).

IF you shoot a lot of remote photography, always give priority to get an auto focus camera body first ! Some of the higher end models such as F801s, F801, F90x, F90, F4 series, F100 and F5 have some real amazing feature such as freeze focus (Predetermine focus zone, camera will fire once subject is in the pre focus zone) which is beyond F3's capability in term of convenience, responsiveness and accuracy and could be even more rewarding than a manual focus camera.

However, although the Nikon F3 may not enjoy the conveniences of modern AF bodies, it will still able to provide sufficiently adequate basic requirements for such photographic applications.

<< --- Note: Older version of remote control units may also be used on the Nikon F3. kindly check with your local distributor or a knowledgeable dealer before committing any sales or purchases.

Wireless Radio Remote Control Set MW-2 Consists of a Transmitter and Receiver. Provides interference-free remote control up to 2,295 feet (700 meters). Operates with Nikon motor-driven cameras F4S, F3 Series bodies (with MD-4 motor), F90x (F90) (requires MC-25 adaptor cord), F801s (F801), FM2(n), FE-2, FA (with MD-12 r MD-15 for FA). It can operate three separate cameras automatically. (supplied w /MC-18 cord).

Mudulite Remote Control Set ML-2, ML-3 Compact, easy-to-handle unit uses modulated light to automatically controI up to two cameras for distances up to 327 feet (100 meters). Operates with Nikon motor-driven cameras F4S, F3 Series (with MD-4), N90x, F90 (requires MC-25 adaptor cord), F801s, F801, FM2 (with MD-12). For ML-3, it is for Nikon F90 (Possibly for F100 too) series cameras only.  

Compared these with Older versions of Remote Control accessories: ML-1, ML-2, MT-1, MT-2, MC-4, MT- 1

Intervalometer MT-2 For unmanned time-lapse photography, work sampling, time exposures or delayed exposures. Quartz-controlled MT-2 provides shooting intervals from 0.1 seconds to 27 hours and either 2 second or 16 second shutter release delay, allowing time for focusing or flash recycling. Can also be used with other remote control devices. Operates with Nikon motor-driven cameras F4S, F3 Series models (with MD-4), N90x models (requires MC-25 adaptor cord), F801s, F801, FM/FE series models (with MD-12), FA (with MD-15).

Motor Remote Cord MC-12A For remote control photography up to 9.8' feet (3 meters) away. <<-- Illustration used on a FM2n with MD-12.

The MC-12A has a convenient hand grip, trigger release button and trigger lock lever. Depressing the button halfway turns on the camera's exposure meter. Depressing fully releases the shutter. Trigger lock enables time exposures. F4S, F3 Series models (with MD4), F90x models (requires MC-25 adaptor cord), F801s models, FM/FE series models (with MD-12 motor), FA (with MD-15).

cord.jpg AH-3

AH-3 Tripod Mounting Adaptor For attaching Nikon cameras with separate motor drives to tripod or Repro-copy Outfit PF4.

Motor Remote Cord with Banana Plug MC-4A (3")

For remote photography.

The plug on one end of the MC-4A connects to the remote control socket. The other end has both plus and minus banana-type plugs, used to connect a variety of electrical remote control devices.

mc10.jpg (7k) Loading..
Motor Remote Cord MC-10

For use with F4S/F3 Series models, FM series, FE series, FA, F801s, F801 SLRs etc., motor drives MD-2/3/4/12/15 for firing at camera distance up to 10'.

Motor Terminal Release MR-3 For mounting on the standard remote control terminal of Nikon motor drives and motorized cameras. Provides alternate shutter release.


Older MR-2

Tapered thread for connection of standard ISO-type cable release. Although it looks odd, but it is a cheap solution for MD-4 to have a shutter release when engaging with vertical shooting. For a view how it looks when attached onto a MD-15, click here.

Cable release Adaptor AR-8 Adapts cable release connectors fitted with Nikon-type mount for operation with cameras having ISO-type tapered thread. For use with AR-2/4 release only and F3 series models and FM/FE series models, Nikon FA.

SOFT Shutter Release AR-9 For mounting on shutter buttons fitted with ISO-type tapered thread. For F3 series models, F601s/601 and FM/FE series models, FA etc. cameras.


Essential for slow shutter speeds, Nikon cable releases ensure one-hand shutter release operation. Model AR-3 with ISO type tapered thread for F4S, F3 series models (Except F3P, H), F601s, F601, FM/FE series models, FA. AR-7 for use with PB-6 and F4S, F3 series, F601s, F601, FM/FE series models, FA. AR-10 for use with F90 series (with MC-26).

Miscellaneous Accessories

Panorama Head AP-2 Provides panoramic shooting on tripod with 28mm to 105mm lenses.

Includes fitted bubble level for precise tripod setup and horizon. For F4S, F90 series models, F3 series models, F801 series models, F601s/601, F501, etc. FM/FE series models, FA, F2 series models and Nikkormat

Nikon Pistol Grip Plug into the remote socket of the Motor Drive for improved and steady hand held shooting.

PistolGrip.jpg pistolGrip2.jpg
<<<---Credit: Images of Pistol Grip for Nikon F and F2 courtesy of Mr. Amedeo Muscelli Amedeo, who also operates a popular Ebay Store. All images appeared herein are Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved.

It looks strange and odd but it was an effective means for those who engages very often in wildlife and sports action photography, a very popular accessory those days. Although rarely seen nowadays, but It can still works with the F3/MD-4 combination.

Neck straps Fully adjustable to a variety of different lengths, Nikon neck straps are available in either nylon, leather or leatherette. The nylon neck straps are flared for no strain carrying, and come in black or black with yellow stripes. Both the leather and leatherette straps have a non slip rubber shoulder pad for added security. All Nikon neck straps are designed so that the hardware will not scratch the corners of the camera body.

Choose nylon, leather or leatherette - all adjustable to length. Flared nylon neck straps ensure no-strain carrying. Leather and leatherette types have shoulder pads for wearing comfort. And, of course, Nikon neck straps will not scratch the corners of your camera. All straps attach to all Nikon SLR cameras, except as noted. Strap Description: AN-l Leather with removable rubber neck pad *; AN-4B Woven nylon fabric with non-slip pad (black); AN-4Y Woven nylon fabric with non-slip pad (yellow with black); AN-6W Wide woven nylon fabric with non-slip pad (wine with yellow stripes and embroidered "Nikon"); AN-6Y Wide woven nylon fabric with non-slip pad (yellow with black stripes and embroidered "Nikon").

To protect the front and rear portions of a lens from dust, fingerprints and scratches, Nikon makes lens caps in hard plastic, metal and leather. Body caps are also available to protect the mirror box and reflex mirror when no lens is mounted on the camera body.

A quick buying reference guide on various original Nikon camera bags, camera cases and lens hoods, Click here. (But don't mail me, I don't sell these...)


NEW upload 10.2005





Between elegant match & practicality - Nikon CF-22 Camera case

Filters, Gelatin filters and Step Down Ring:

Filters for B&W and Colour Film Since B&W film does not register colours but only different gradations on a "grey" scale, filters are used to improve contrast or to create special effects.

When colour film is used under conditions different from those specified, strong colour casts are likely to result. Photos taken with this type of film in the morning or late afternoon will have a yellow or red tinge. For slide films, filters are usually used to correct such imbalances with both daylight and tungsten film and restore natural colour rendition. Other filters can also be used for creative purposes.

Circular Polarizing Filters By reducing the light reflected from nonmetallic surfaces, polarizing filters allow direct shooting through glass windows and reduce the glare from water surfaces and sunlit trees and grass. They are the only filters that darken the sky in colour photography without affecting colour balances. Nikon circular polarizing filters come in a rotating mount to enable different angles for different degrees of polarization, and effects may be seen in the viewfinder as the filter is rotated. They do not interfere with the auto focus or auto exposure operation of the Nikon AF SLRs.

Neutral Colour NC Filters Available in attachment sizes 39mm, 52mm, 62mm, 72mm and 77mm, these neutral-colour filters also serve as lens protectors.

72-62 Filter Adaptor Ring UR-1 This adaptor enables a filter with an attachment size of 72mm to be used with any Nikkor lens with an attachment size of 62mm.

They do not affect colour balance. In addition, multi layer coating prevents light reflection inside the glass, thus improving colour rendition.

Gelatin Filter Holders AF-1, AF-2 These enable standard 3-inch gelatin filters to be used with many Nikkor lenses, the AF-1 for 52mm attachment size and the AF-2 for 72mm attachment size.



Filter Cases CA-1, CA-2 Very convenient for location work, the CA-1 case holds up to six 52mm filters and the CA-2 houses up to six 39mm filters.

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