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F O R E W O R D           

This section outlines various functions and controls available in a Nikon F3 camera. The normal Eye Level Finder (DE-2) when used on the F3 is generally referred as F3. A High Eyepoint Finder (DE-3) is used here because it was the most popular prism among all models in the F3, here in referred as F3HP. There is no distinguishable advantage over the DE-2 finder other than it allows you to see the entire viewfinder image, including all exposure information, with your eye located up to 25mm (approx. one inch) away from the eyepiece. But compromise point is a reduced viewfinder magnification from 0.8 to 0.75X. If you are an eyeglass wearer or work in high glare situations that demand you work behind sunglasses or even for those who use optical device underwater, this can be an advantage. Other than these, the rest is just cosmetic. So you don't have to rush out to buy a High-Eyepoint Finder to replaced yours if you have bought a used F3 with the standard DE-2 finder. But before actually taking pictures with the F3 High-Eyepoint camera, I would strongly suggest you to familiarize yourself with its basic operation and its various controls Because, only if you have mastered them, you can either use or combined them and put them into creative use.

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I am using a camera manual as a medium to illustrate and add in further information where it relates. Thus, A few minutes wisely invested here now, MAY pay off later in your many years of rewarding photographic experiences. Obviously, this section is created to help someone that has bought a used F3 and requires additional information. Comments and remarks are all personal experience. It is structured in such a way to help him/her with some basic knowledge of the Nikon photographic system. I am not selling for Nikon, but they did produced a great simple automated camera in the Nikon F3 and I thought this could be a serious consideration if you are looking for a manual focus SLR camera from the secondary used market.

W A R N I N G: The New G-SERIES Nikkor lenses have no aperture ring on the lens, they CANNOT ADJUST APERTURES with any of these manual focus Nikon FE series SLR camera models; please ignore some portion of the content contained herein this site where it relates.

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Basic Operations - Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV (4 parts)
Controls In Detail - (7 parts) Or surf in parts (Updated: Patched a broken link...)

Shutter speed Dial
memory lock button
Exposure compensation dial
film speed dial
Memo holder
Shutter release button
Film advance
Multiple exposure lever
mechanical release lever
Depth-of-field preview button
Meter coupling lever
Mirror lockup lever
Eyepiece shutter lever
Accessory (
Hot) shoe
Film plane indicator
Infrared focusing index

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About the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
EV Range of the Nikon F3: Full aperture metering | Stopped Down Metering | EV chart
Accessories: Interchangeable viewfinders | Interchangeable focusing screens | Focusing screen selector guide

Motor Drive MD-4 | Speedlights | Other accessories
Tips on camera care
Full Technical Specifications

Quick reference guide for camera operations (PDF FILES):
Controls (382k) | Basic Operation (567k) | Detailing its controls (666k)
Care (125k) | Accessories (239k) | MD-4 (313k) | Meter Coupling(30k) | Other info (55k) or FULL camera manual in PDF (1.6 MB - Only email request).

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Nikon F3 - Camera Instruction Manual - Index Page

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