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Zuiko ultra-wideangle lenses - 24mm f/2.0, 24mm f/2.8 - PART ONE

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With an angle of view only approx. 10° narrower than a comparing ultrawide 21mm, the Zuiko 24mm lenses provides about 2X the image size of a 35mm lense and about 3X that of the standard 50mm lense. Thus, generally, we referred 24mm focal length as the widest limit of the wideangles and it is just a small step away from the ultra wide-angle range. Well, to those who are feeling defensive over the use of ultrawide lenses for their photography, lenses at this focal length may well be a good lense to begin getting the real feel of ultra wide vision photography. Besides, there is a strong rendition of perspective which can be controlled quite easily when compared to lenses at wider picture angles. At one stage, this prime focal length was almost liked a standard lense for photographers who were engaged in special fields such as photojournalists and news/reportage photographers who actually have helped popularizing the lense in term of usage and exposure via their professions. However, over the years, as high performance superwide zoom lenses were slowly emerging and phasing out the importance of these prime wideangle lenses to these specific group of users. but, strangely, Olympus has not been positively reacting to such changes in the market place while these two MF Zuiko prime ultrawides lenses are still remaining as the only source to fulfill needs for those who are still seeking for such lense type in their photography.

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* Basically, content of this Zuiko site was aimed to supplement Olympus OM-1(n) and OM-2(n) series SLR bodies and current content is only confined to Manual Focus Zuiko lenses but Olympus does has another 24mm in an AF mount AF-Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 lense which was supposedly aiming to support the AF OM-77/707 SLR camera.

<<< -- Credit: This very well taken image of the Zuiko 24mm f/2.0 courtesy of Mr.Ignacio Banuelos® <>. Image copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer. If you intend to use this image for other purpose, a written permission from the creator is always encouraged.

The Zuiko 24mm f/2.0 lense was easily being regarded as one of the attraction of the early OM system. Although there was no actual reference when this lense was introduced in the Zuiko lense family, but according to a listing compiled by Rick Oleson, it has been featured in a 1974 OM sales catalogue so we have to assume it was grouped among the earlier batch of original Zuiko lenses introduced prior to the OM-2. Even up to the early '80, this Zuiko wideangle classic was still ranked among one of the fastest* lenses available at 24mm focal length on the market and showed little sign of age even compared it with rivalries.. Considering the fact company like Nikon only started offering a 24mm f/2.0 in October, 1977, Olympus was almost half a decade ahead of the Nikon in introducing such a high speed lense type, it shows Olympus did command a leading role in 35mm lense development for SLR photography during that era, come to think of it, amazing huh ?

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In actual fact, Olympus did lead in the technological race in 35mm camera development during mid to end of the decade and was once, widely regarded as the most promising 35mm camera manufacturers in shaking stronghold of other bigger players in the photographic community but only let down by persistence continuity of their good tradition and lack of financial might to take on others to realize such possibility. Anyway, those are history now.

* Note: rivaling brands such as Canon has showcased an exotic prime MF wideangle lense in FDn Canon 24mm f/1.4L, the lense has remained as the only wideangle lense that carries such fast lens speed, until an equivalent AF EF version was introduced.

<< -- Credit: This very well taken image of the Zuiko 24mm f/2.0 courtesy of Mr.Ignacio Banuelos® <>. Image copyright © 2003. All rights reserved.

Zuiko 24mm f/2.0 ultra-wideangle lense

At the time when this remarkable wideangle lense was introduced, the fast lense speed of f/2.0 aperture was a world's first. Rave reviews among OM users have helped it to establish a fine reputation as a top grade high speed wideangle that able to deliver superb optical characteristics, versatility and practicality. Using a relativelly complex optical design of 10 elements in 8 groups, Olympus optical designers have also ensured its performance does not optimize only at normal focusing distance but also be well extended to its closest focusing range.

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This Zuiko retrofocus wideangle lense helical focuses down to 0.25m (0.8 ft). It incorporates an automatic close focus correction mechanism (floating elements design) to counter possible aberrations that may arise at such close working distance so as to maintain its excellent optical performance.
<<<--- Credit: Image the center courtesy of "Jone Quinn" <>. Image copyright © 2002 All rights reserved.

Probably Olympus also knows they have a great lense in the making, and I believed every attention of to its detail was carefully thought of - as reflected by the supreme built quality of this lense. Due to its extraordinary light gathering power, the overall dimension of this lense is slightly larger which affects the intake of lense accessories such as general optical filters and lense hood because the filter attachment size is non-OM general standard of 55mm. Next, the first Zuiko 24mm f/2.0 lense that beared "MC" in its lens data was believed to have been introduced in 1978 which you can use it as a rough estimation of its production date.

Maram Grass in infrared... by Simon Evan.
Marram grass and sand dunes at Ynys Las

ILFORD SFX200 black & white film,

<<< -- Credit: Image courtesy of Mr Simon Evan® . Simon has a website on his own. He also co-maintains the popular OM Message Board in PIM site. Image Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

The main attraction of the lense was a combination of wide vision, fast lense speed with superlative image quality it delivers, making it a definitive lense for specific professional applications such as photojournalism and equally handy imaging tool for newsmen on assignments, travel, architecture, scenic and fashion photography - indoor and/or on location. Early version of this Zuiko wideangle may has its lense data indicating as J. Zuiko Auto-W 24mm f/2.0 while newer version may simply indicate as Zuiko MC Auto-W 1:2 f=24mm.

<<<--- Credit: Image at far left courtesy of "Jone Quinn" <> who also runs a popular Ebay Store where you can take a visit to scout for OM used items. Image copyright © 2002 All rights reserved.

Based a chart compiled by Rick, the indicative MC version of this wideangle only started to appeared in 1978 but this makes little relevant to the question of whether earlier ones was single-layer coated because some Zuiko lenses may have been multicoated but not being indicated on the lens data imprinted on the filter rim. Other than minor cosmetic changes, this lovely Zuiko wideangle has not gone through any major revision thus far and its basic specification has remained literally unchanged all these years. Come to think of it, this lense offers a damn good price-over-performance ratio as a high performance wideangle lense. When compared with a another equally remarkable Zuiko 21mm f/2.0 which calls for a retail price (new) close to USD1,000.00, this lense only retailed at approx. between USD680.00-750.00 a piece while another comparing special application Zuiko optic, Zuiko SHIFT 24mm f/3.5 has a far commanding price (new) between USD1480.00 -1600.00 !

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Older Version: J Zuiko AUTO-W 24mm f/2.0
Current Version:
Zuiko 24mm f/2.0
Focal length
: 24mm
Lens construction: 8 groups, 10 elements
Angles of view: Diagonal: 84°
Distance scale: (m) 0.25m to infinity (
Focusing: Helicoid
Minimum and Maximum aperture: f/16 - f/2.0
Diaphragm: Automatic
Filter size
: 55mm
Length: 48mm
Weight: 275g (9.7 oz). Older version weighs at 280g (9.8 oz)

Recommended Focusing Screens: 1:1*, 1:2**, 1:3*, 1:4n*, 1:5#, 1:10*, 1:13*, 1:14* *Compatible. Focusing and exposure accuracy remains # Can be used, they provide accurate focusing but exposure error may occur in manual mode for OM1 and OM2 series models. Compatible. Focusing and exposure accuracy remains. ** Compatible, Focusing and exposure accuracy remains intact but microprism, corners of the screen and split image may darken. # Compatible with OM-1(n) and Om-2(n), may be used on OM-3(ti) and OM-4(ti) or equivalent, they provide accurate focusing but exposure error may occur in manual mode.## More info on "Picture Angle" or make use of the Glossary section in PIM site..

| J. Zuiko AUTO-W 24mm f/2.0 | H Zuiko AUTO-W 24mm f/2.8 | ZUIKO SHIFT 24mm f/3.5 (PC) |

| NEXT | 1/3 You need not have to rush out to a nearest retail store after going through these pages - especially when you check through your available balance in your bank account and regained senses later, because there is another OM Zuiko alternative with equivalent spec with a slight compromised maximum lens speed in the Zuiko lens family. For those who may not have to depend on photography to make a living and/or strapped with budget to spend more on leisure photography, Olympus has a equally high performance ultra-wideangle lense at this focal length, the Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 ...

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