Side view of the vertical LCD panel

Mac logo on Bose Subwoofer

Alternate view of the Limited Edition Apple computer

Rear Opening cover

Conceal panel for cabling

Full Setup Apple Track Pad The keyboard of the 20th Anniversary Mac was one of the highlight of the computer. It has a removable Track Pad which can be used either on the keyboard OR independently, all cables are concealed under the keyboard. This design was still not seen being adopted by any of the current Mac notebook yet.

Fron view of the Apple's 20th Anniversary Mac model   (80k) Loading ...

The Twentieth Anniversary Mac is a limited edition model. Colored in Titanium gray which projects a very distinguished look and feel. The entire setup consists of a all in one vertical panel with the center flip out panel that hosts a CD-ROM drive that accepts the CD vertically. The dual vertical fabric at each side conceals a eight-a-side speaker system which works along with the Sub Woofer designed by Bose Acoustic, US. The LCD displays thousand colours at maximum and the accompanying CD was designed to bring the best in graphic and visual presentation fort this computer. One of the interesting area is a detachable key board which combines traditional keypads with a notebook style sensor pad. The rear section has a host of connecting sockets for various audio, visual and network connections. This Mac even has a Radio reception and more amazingly, it even works as a TV monitor. Built quality of external and internal components are simply superb (it is still functioning well, after 8 years ..). Price, a pain ... especially it was shipped late when I acquired it during the Asian Financial Crises where the landing price has seen the Ringgit (Malaysian Currency) deteriorated against the US dollar - @^$(@)$#_&$$!! .

The Bose desiged Speaker System

Senseor touch pad for the Mac

Fron View of the Mac limited edition model

Audio system by Bose Accooustic

The BOSE™ designed Sub-Woofer

The two-in-one unique looked key board

Front view of the 20th Anniversary Mac

Concealed Audio speakers + Woofer

Ventilation Holes

SCSI Connection

Coonection Pin at the rear

Internal view of the 20th Anniversary Mac

Ventilation holes at the rear section

The SCSI netwrok interface + others

Audio and TV/Radio Reception Pins

Internal components after detach the cover


The Box..

The Box..

3 Original CDs

The accompanying corrugated box also finishes in Titanium gray. Inside, a host of accessories - which includes a REMOTE CONTROL for switching audio, radio and TV channels. RCA audio connector are also provided because the BOSE audio system can be used for other purpose as well.

tourclip.jpg Apple 1983 movie
The computer is supplied with 4 CDs. The Quicktime Showcase is very "watcheable". The Welcome Tour CD was the showcase centre among the 4 CDs (the other was a 3D game, Virtual Tour). The CD uses the famous 1983 QT movie as introduction.
It has plenty of 3D ilustrations in QT VR, graphic & animations - the Quicktime Movie E is the BEST among all; the System Disc (picture at the back of the 3 x CDS image shown above) provides Mac OS 7.6.1 and have a few other utilities and secondary programs such as the Clarisworks.

CD introduction Panel

<<<-- The Welcome Tour CD adopted almost similar appearance of the 20th Anniversary Mac. NOte the TV/FM/VIDEO buttons ? They are still not being found in today's Powerbook, strange..

This Limited Edition Apple/Mac computer actually has alternate way to give it a speed boost by adding third party solution (I think was G3 processor, I have tried to make inquires but seller seemed reluctant to sell to countries outside US..). The networks interface uses SCSI, I have not tried the two ways Ethernet connection (but Dayna Pocket SCSI failed). Next, the original installed OS is 7.6 - I cannot upgrade it to Mac OS-8 - it may solve many issues on network) - anyone can offer a solution ? The OS-8 doesn't recognize this model....#%$@*(@!

Photos/Pictures of this unique Apple Computer Model was taken near evening (indoor) using a Canon G2 - I don't know who has "borrowed" my Canon Pro-1 but the main issue is shooting handheld without a flash so as to retain the ambient of the surrounding, the slow shutter speed causes some images blur that may be less desirable with the respective explosive views of these thumbnails. Sorry ..

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