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Throughout its history, Apple has always been known as an innovator in personal computer technologies ...The Company from Austin was first to include on its computers a Graphical User Interface ("GUI"), wireless networking, FireWire (IEEE 1394), QuickTime, and built-in Ethernet. The portable Mac, with the current IBooks or PowerBooks series have been an alternate main income stream for coprorate profit for Apple. The first portable Mac that offered great user's mobility was probably the 1989's Macintosh Portable Model - introduced between the era of Mac SE and the hugely successful Mac Classic models. So, the processor used for the the early versions of portable Mac was also adopting the M680XX chip (the Macintosh SE ('87~'90) used M68000 8 MHz 16 bits; the 1989's Macintosh SE/30 model delpoyed with a M68030 16 MHz 32 bits / M68882 16 MHz FPU; while the Mac Classic ('90) used M68000, 8 MHz, 32 bits processor). The original Mac Portable has a M68000, 16 MHz, 16 Bits processor - so, in terms of technology used, the Mac Portable has been using the proven processor rather than deploying with the new M68030, first used in the Mac SE/30. This was probably important because emphasis of this debut of this mobile Mac was on both reliability and performance to instill user confidence with these new range of portable personal computers.

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