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Apple current popular site has no "History or Profile" kind of stuff (I think I should propose to them to create a Apple Museum\ extension). So, background and development history of older Macs are actually maintained by Mac enthusiast worldwide rather than by the Company. The era of Mac from the Apple I to Apple II during the mid '70 to end of '80 was best compiled by Steven Weyhricj's Apple II Series website. Another great resource on Mac was the So, I should say information on the web that relates to Macintosh Portable can be quite scarce. Anyway, compiled from various sources, the original Mac Portable may have the following basic specification on its core: RAM 1 to 4 MB, running on 100ns, there is only a single slot for memory with a ROM of 256k as standard.

The Old fashioned Track Ball Front View of the Mac Portable Notebook The LCD screen Top view of the Mac Notebook

Probably the earlier design of track ball and activation button (at the bottom). Earlier model may not have this track ball.

The front view of various components in proportion & locations. Note location of this Track Ball of this version.
Version without Track Ball/Pad |

The Black & White LCD was an improved backlit version (hard to distinguished the difference between the two.

The openings at both ends could have been designed to place the speakers. But only a sole speaker was hide under the mid between the rear section & keyboard.


Year of produce of this old Apple Notebook

ON/ OFF Switch

SCSI & PC Port s

Various connecting sockets for computer pheriperals

I took a picture that reveals the year of produce, it is 1989. So, it may push the assumption of launch dates for both early & later Portable Mac earlier than expected.

ON / OFF is via switch. The power off is a button (the last, cannot verify its purpose with the unidentified symbol).

Three ports are provided at the left hand side . Generous .. Mac's SCSI & Serial and monitor ports for PC !

At the rear/right section, Mouse, Printer, Phone, speaker & a power port is provided.


Release buttons

The old Apple notebook with cover removed

Top view with cover removed

Power consumption indication

Retaining easy access to internal, to open the cover, first you need to press only a button on each side to remove the cover.

I heard the early Mac Portable notebook can accept dual drives, No. I don't think it can - except for external.

Neatly placed, the bay has the power supply unit placed at the left, SCSI hard disk at the right & memory slot(s) at the center.

The power indicates the Mac notebook runs on 75 Volts, 20 amp (click to enlarge this picture).


Apple's Portable Notebook Power supply

Memory Module used in this notebook

Old Apple Hard Disk information

SCSI Hard Disk & connection

The huge block of power supply section occupies 35% area inside the computer's rear section.

The RAM module suggests it was made in 1990 (Computer was 1989 model). Click to see an explosive view.

The supplied hard disk was indicated as "40SC". Some sites suggests it has a capacity of 40MB, errrr .. I have some reservation on this...

The solidly mount rigid SCSI hard disk securely mounted via 4 screws. Lazy to dismount it. but in between, I can see the half concealed sole speaker that lays beside it.

Dimension of this antique Apple / Mac Notebok Err .. prior to cleaning..

I have provided an hand drawn visual for various measurements for this old 1989's Apple Portable Notebook. It may provide you with an indication of its dimension. Another photo was an illustration with a hand as scale. Yes, it has a handle where you need to push back (flush with the body) before you can lift the LCD screen upward. Suggestive list price back in late 80/early '90 was approx. USD6,500-00.

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Side view of Apple Notebook

Memory connetion pins

Audio Jack for Apple / Mac notebook

Mysterious Port on this Apple notebook (*Note: it is a power port)

Side view of this "antique" (if not collectible" Apple Notebook - It was officially called as "Macintosh Portable".

An enlarged photo of the memory module connection area for your assessment and/or verifications.

The "mysterious" input jack that I have no knowledge of what the hell is it..neither the symbol is universal, hehe ... (*Note: it is a power port)

An opening between arrays of SCSI/ PC ports and various inputs sockets is a telephony port - has Apple pre-visualized the WEB medium back in late '80 ? ...


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