The Perak Cave interior is where the essence of everything in the tour. It has been very well thought of, with three main attraction to please everyone. On the left, you will find a huge Buddha image; the left is a section to house Taoist figures like Nan Tian Dong; while the walls are traces of art pieces and calligraphy by inviting or visiting high profiles personalities. So, it merges the essence of San Bao Dong Buddhist cave temple, Nan Tian Dong Taoist cave temple with the addition of artful display of artists works. If that is not good enough, The stones formation inside the temple is adorned with limestone formations of various sizes and shapes.

IF you are not here for the Art. The Buddha image in sitting meditation inside the Perak cave is easily one of the largest statue you can find in Peninsular Malaysia. Similarly, the various key Taoists religious figures (Shown at the bottom of this page) are big enough to excite you. The difference between the installed Taoist figures as compared to Nan Tian Dong is, they are more delicate in the respective molds Although probably they are not as aged, but very artfully done. My visit to the temple was after a tiring session of 3 in a row, it was quite late and few officers were indicating the temple will be closing soon. Thus, I have to exit. May be next trip, I can provide more details (esp.,.the stairways that lead you up to another section at the top).

As shown above with the illustrations, the interior is incredibly spacious (I would d think the most spacious interior among all the available cave temples in Ipoh). Dimly lit but after your eyes get accustom to the low light level, you can start exploring with its details. I was told by a lady in here that there are more than 200 original art works as wall paintings or calligraphy. Some of the well known names such as Zhang Da qian, Tseng Hou hsi , Cheng Li Ling and many others.

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