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The Original Apcam Professional Motor winder 500
attaching to a Hasselblad 500C with an 80mm F2.8 Carl ZeissT* lens

Specially developed for the HASSELBLAD 500C, 500C/M and 503CX - Bayonet locking to the camera at a winding speed of approximately one frame per second.
The Apcam 500 is attached directly to the Hasselblad camera 3-claw winding bayonet (similar to attaching the winding knob or winding crank) by a twist of about 20° degrees clockwise and lockable on the adjacent strap lug on the camera. The Motor Drive provide a substitute lug for the neck strap and has its own shuttle release button for shuttle release.

AA batteries power source are chosen for its wide availability, the Nicad power source was omitted on this model due to earlier on electrical design was in-house developed. The quality finishing on the earlier models are far from desirable though performance wise is another story. The testing period for local Hasselblad users lasted more than 6 months including vigorous field tests by heavy professional users. After the launching of the Apcam 500, more than thousands were sold to local and abroad, principally the US market through strings of dealerships in the US.

With the help of some publicity through worldwide publication like the Popular Photography (Volume 98, No.3 March 1991) and being invited to numerous Photo Exhibitions overseas and the most prestigiously, being awarded the Best Malaysian Inventions 1991! The product caught a lot of attention among the photographic arena being the most reliable model on the market (NPC, the famous Pro-back manufacturer, have one similar model, the Pro Winder 500, basically copied from its model originally for Mamiya, though NOT a dedicated model for the Hasselblad).

The tradename of was adopted for the various models in 1991.

The strong reception among the Hassel user groups laid a foundation for claims on further research & development on possible future models from Hasselblad.

Realising strategic alliance with the principal in Gothenburg is essential to its long term progress, Mr Herman started to re-established links with Hasselblad in Sweden.

In 1992, Hasselblad began a serious negotiation with Apcam, a representative was sent to Malaysia for the plant visit and discussion on mutual cooperation.

Side view of the Apcam 500

Throughout 1993, the full negotiation by appointing Apcam to produce Motor Winders under Hasselblad's brand name was bogged down by differences over the cost of production and both parties agreed to go their own ways in the development of the winder.

Nevertheless, the non-materialised cooperation between Hasselblad and Apcam through the negotiations has made Apcam's Motor Winder's quality acknowledged.

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