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With the wealth of experience for almost a decade on the basic mechanical models of the Hasselblad, Mr Herman Liew decided to go further ahead with his own research and development on his Apcam's Motor Winders.

The determination and attention to details and quality has resulted with the birth of the 500 CMX Professional Motor Winder in 1995. A huge improvement as compared to the original Apcam 500.

Built around the concept of rugged, robust construction and the redesigning of the electrical circuitry for maximum energy efficiency, and with highest level of human engineering, and specifications to meet the "battle-zone" dependable heavy professional usage, the Apcam 500cmx is welcomed even by huge pool of Hasselblad users.

In order to support the biggest market of the Apcam Pro Motor Winder, a Apcam branch office was set up in New York to handle the dealerships and after-sales-support in the all important US market.

Of all the models that produced to date, Mr Herman personally felt most satisfying is the model 500CMX. At last, he claimed to have a world class model in all aspects, mechanically and cosmetically.

The recent announcement of the Hasselblad own winder doesn't bother him much, as the 500CMX and the recently announced 501-3CW will take on the challenge - the model will fit on the Hasselblad 501C, 503cxi and the 503cw.

The model will expect to hit the market by May, 1997.

Any enquiries please contact:



Head Office:
26, Jalan Angsana, Taman P.Ramlee, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.
apcam@tm.net.my Tel/Fax: 603-444 8088, 603-422 9023

US's Office:
No.2, Elizabeth Street, New York, N.Y. 10013, United States of America.
Tel: (212) 732 3828 Fax: (212) 732 3588

1994 - 1988 || 1989 - 1994 || 1995 - 1997
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