Canon Speedlite 244T Set (Consists of Speedlite 244T and case, exclusive use with the ' T" Serief camera, but usable with other FD-mount Canon system camera models).

Designed exclusively for the Canon T-series cameras, the Speedlite 244T makes fully-automatic, programmed flash photography a reality. It has just two controls: an on/off switch and film speed selector (ISO 100, ISO 400). When the flash is charged (indicated by a "s" in the finder), slightly depress the camera's shutter button and the programmed infrared flash element fires a low-intensity beam. The light received from the infrared pre-flash is detected by a sensor and the unit is programmed to automatically set the lens aperture to f/2.8, f/4, or f/5.6, depending on flash-to-subject distance and reflectivity.

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Technical Specification in brief:-

Type: Programmed automatic, shoe-mount flash with pre-flash infrared element; thyristor type
Guide Number: (ISO 100, feet) 53
Recycling Time: 9 seconds or less w/Alkaline-Manganese batteries 6 seconds or less w/Ni-Cd batteries
Number of Flashes: 150 or more w/Alkaline-Manganese batteries 70 or more w/Ni-Cd batteries
Auto Flash Ranges: 3, programmed to provide optimum exposure within auto shooting distance range
Auto Apertures: f/5.6, f/4, or f/2.8 depending on flash-to-subject distance
Flash Coverage: For 35 mm format, covers angle of view of 35 mm lens
Color Temperature: Daylight
Power Source: 2 "AA" size Alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries
Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 3-3/8 x 1-5/8 in.
Weight: 4-15/16 oz.

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Instruction Manual
(PDF) for Canon 244T Speedlite


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