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Rollei Fototechnic, as the company was known from then on, gave up cheap mass-produced articles and recalled its old strengths: high precision cameras for professional requirements. The main competitor in the professional medium format field on the German market, "Hasselblad", a renowned product made from Swedish steel, was soon overtaken in Germany. Rollei Fototechnic had mastered the crises.

Rollei on the road to success again

Two years ago, Rollei once more hit the headlines even beyond the technical literature as the company came back into German hands. The traditional Brunswick company was taken over by Jos. Schneider Optische Werke Kreuznach and put back on its feet again. That very same year it was able to fulfill a wish of many friends of photography by reintroducing to the market as the Rolleiflex 2.8 GX, with up-to-date exposure and flash facilities, a classical twin-lens model, whose production had been discontinued in 1981. The new Rollei flagship, the Rolleiflex 6008 professional, the most advanced and best equipped 6 x 6 camera in the world is following this year. Rollei is however not just developing new cameras and slide projectors. The Brunswick company is making a name for itself to an increasing degree as a specialist for complete opto-electronic solutions. One of these is RolleiMetric. Measurements today in the fields of architecture, town planning, industrial surveying and the securing of evidence by the police no longer need to be taken laboriously using a theodolite or measuring tape. They can be transferred by the RolleiMetric measuring system directly onto photographs, and transformed into scale drawings by means of multi-image analysis. Even, however, if science and industry have, in the meantime, become major customers for Rollei, the company's management still has those people at heart who helped Rollei to its worldwide fame. These are the countless professional and amateur photographers, who swear by Rollei products and were immensely relieved once the Brunswick company had started to produce again following its spectacular fall from grace, people whose loyalty towards precision products from Brunswick has ensured that Rollei Fototechnic has gained a high image and again is able to carry the name of its home town, Brunswick/Germany, out into world.

From 1992, Rollei was separated from its shareholder, Jos. Schneider Optische Werke Kreuznach and became an independent company again, headed by its managing director, Wolfgang Sass, who has been working for the company in Germany and Singapore for 26 years. He and his Rollei Fototechnic team have dedicated their skill and work towards their business partners and customers in the photographic and industrial field worldwide. The Rollei Fototechnic research and development is targeted to serve today's and future needs and demands of their customers which includes high technology and high quality commitments.

Rollei products represent  
 t  a  t  e    o  f    t  h  e   A  R  T.

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