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Heidecke made his acid tests in the world outside and exposed his prototypes to the hard tests of photographic reality, often under the toughest conditions.

However, he did not just take photographs. He asked the photographers he met on such occasions many questions which has arisen in everyday practice, questions which also supplied him with important tests for his work at the construction bench.

It was however not just his genius as an inventor and his craftsman's precision that enabled Heidecke to ensure the success of the Rolleiflex even well beyond his own lifetime. Those things which he had experimented an cultivated as a hobby in his younger years, namely the scientific and theoretical pervasion of photography and camera construction, were later to play a significant role in the success of Rollei cameras. Long before he had formed his own company, Heidecke held a high opinion of the exchange of ideas between scientists and practitioners. Even as the technical director of his own factory, he kept in close touch with the leading specialists from all fields of precision engineering and optics.

The fruits of this cooperation Were ultimately that important improvements in the construction of cameras were already in use at "Franke & Heidecke" before they became common knowledge to other camera manufacturers. This close relationship with the sciences and his consequent success as a constructor and entrepreneur resulted, in 1952, in Heidecke being awarded an honorary doctorate by what at that time was the Technical University in Brunswick, and four being appointed its honorary senator.

Paul Franke, the commercial director of the Rollei-Werke, played an important role in its success.

Paul Franke refused to be tied to his office. As the senior traveller, nothing could prevent him from personally demonstrating his new products at home and abroad. Like his partner, he too was an advocate of the concept of the quality and extreme precision of the Rolleiflex Sand the Rolleicord. The latter was, purely in its handling, less well equipped, and therefore cheaper. His incomparable commercial commitment made a major contribution to the rapid spread of cameras from Brunswick throughout the world.

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