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Two years later, the firm introduced its next model to the market, the "Rolleidoskop". This new development has become necessary because roll film had already at the beginning of the twenties started to conquer the world and was beginning to supplant the photographic plate to an ever increasing degree.

Heidecke hit the jackpot is a constructor in 1928 He had developed a camera with which he was able to transfer from the three-lens stereoscope to single-lens photography the advantages of a roll film camera with reflex view-finder. This was the birth of the "Rolleiflex". When Heidecke's partner, Paul Franke went on the road with the new model and introduced it to their German customers, the first series was sold out in no time. Foreign reaction was similar. It was as if the entire photographic world had been waiting for the philosopher's stone. The enormous demand led to the rapid expansion of the company. By 1930, 800 employees were already earning their daily bread at "Franke & Heidecke".

Grand Prix for the twin-lens Rolleiflex

The twin-lens Rolleiflex was awarded the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in 1937. The boom in the sales of this latest versions of which delighted professionals and amateurs alike, was only interrupted by the Second World War. Who was this Reinhold Heidecke really who designed such an ingenious product? Heidecke was the type of person who knew how to combine in the best possible way the characteristics of an entrepreneur, who was prepared to take a risk, with the vast store of experience of a camera constructor. It was clear to him from the very beginning that such an ingenious idea can only grow naturally if all the conditions necessary for this are available. Heidecke's philosophy was the precise and high-quality transformation of an idea. This contributed just as much to its of the art marketing as its inherent spirit and technical state Heidecke was, however, not just an ingenious constructor, who set great store by the transformation of his ideas. At the same time, he was his own most critical customer. Professional and amateur photographers came across him at all the "photographic focal points" of the world. A passionate photographer, he popped up all over the place, and everyone's eyes were upon him. For Heidecke never travelled with a camera from the normal production programme, and was always trying out new developments or improvements.

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