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Pentax produced quite a number of fine, simple, reasonably priced and most of the time, compact yet very reliable camera bodies - An element that heavily missed these days. Just like this Pentax Program A pictured here. I would NOT hesitate a moment to make a firm recommendation as a starter SLR camera... * These article may not be suitable for someone who has his/her system up and running - because it may make you feel like a fool..

Many visitors asked me this question, thus I think I should take an opportunity to present my view here: Which camera to buy as a starter kit in 35mm SLR photography.

* Note: These views are entirely personal, you may agree or the other way round with my views. But after seeing 15 "painful" years in investment by some, it could be helpful as a guideline if you don't have a clue of how to start off with the medium when looking for the right system to start. This site carries with another objective. Everybody should know by now there are less and less serious SLR users are around. The convenience of Internet "publishing" may be can revive some interest and lure in more general public to pick up "serious" SLR photography. If you don't know what I mean, just take a look at the display racks of those retail shops around in town, and you will understand what I meant. After all, no one cares what is the difference of a compact zoom with an aperture of f12.5 at its longest end of the focal length, as long as it works like a zoom lens and thrill of the mechanical movement of the zooming in & out of the tiny little lens in front of the compact zoom... But for those just about to get into serious "business" and looking for a correct path into the fascinating world of 35mm SLR photography, some of the content in this site could be interesting and useful to glue some visitors with the medium. But more important to me is: IF these resources that I am constructing can really generate some interest from the huge pool of P&S users to take a serious look at SLR photography, that will be even more satisfying (One step at a time, lock them in first and we will start from there..ha!). Well, just in case you are one of them looking at this page and looking for some advises of which brand or system to go for, may be what I am presenting here can be of a reference for your consideration.

Okay, just assuming turning back the clock, if ever I start all over again, what camera should I buy or camera system should I invest ?

There are no definitive answer here, instead, there are few serious options to be considered. APS is out from my list (Will tell you in another article) and I hope you are open enough to digest these few options: I would strongly suggest a used camera to begin with your try out with possible serious SLR photography in later stages... Why Not ? (Reasons: Read all these three pages). First, IF budget is a prime factor to be considered and you wish to have a camera that has a possible migration path to grow with, just in case one day you got damn serious with photography: First on my priority list is a Yashica FX3 super. My second choice is a used Nikon FE2 and lastly, my personal choice is a used Pentax ME super/Super A or a K1000. Next one up is a used Nikon F3 or Pentax LX , if you have a little extra budget to spare.


The FX-3 Super can be acquired as new, but still priced attractively If it still not within your budget, go for the FX-3 in the used market

   Yashica FXD.jpg

This Yashica FX-D with program function can be a good entry as well, but you can only get from the used market. Remember the Carl Zeiss T * lenses can be used on all these Yashicas

I know you are already start cursing... What on earth got to do with these, Leonard ? Hey, I am trying to protect your interest. Worst scenario, if one day you eventually decided to "give up" and revert back to "normal" one roll per month that kind of photography, it won't hurt your pocket and the very dependable bodies I recommended earlier will still be around to serve you real well for at least another 15 years. The breakdown cost per year is still well justify my recommendations. Or best is to sell it back to the used market (Benefit others, please...) and you "may" get back your original cost... First of all, many didn't understand the primarily function of camera body is to control shutter speeds while the lens control the apertures values - these two factors controls the two most essential elements in photography, the effect of variable shutter speeds could yield and depth of field. Most of all - these factors (Especially the optical part) also determines the quality of images taken. (Only refer to general factors like color rendition, clarity, sharpness, resolution, contrast etc..and not referring to "content"). Don't forget, we are talking about your first camera to invest into, without knowing you will ever get serious with it.

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