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This The superb EOS 5 revolutionized with its eye control focusing system, coupled with USM & the imaging stabilizer technology on the lens, make Canon leads the pack in the AF war, but...

I am not against AF. In fact on a more realistic note, I have to live with it now. Autofocus technologies and metering exposure control in any modern AF SLR has opened up plenty of possibilities not known before in any manual focus SLR camera. Unfortunately, during the course of development to reach perfection in AF, used market for "used" AF bodies may not be that appealing and comfortable right now to rush for a total early commitment. Primarily those are products of soul searching years among all the camera manufacturers to find solution to make AF faster and more accurate than earlier ones. A decade and a half has passed and there are some signs that Canon's approach in their AF could be on the right path as theirs were the most copied and duplicated by others.

Tracking back to early days of AF, the technologies has been moving so fast, there were dozen of upgrades that followed the earlier models that were launched during those hey days of early AF era. Technological areas such as AF tracking speeds still has some room for further improvements, but models that recently launched by major players such as Canon, Nikon and Minolta etc. are considered more than juts good enough for average users. Canon, currently leads everything in the AF development and various AF technology arenas which includes their AF EF lenses. IF AF is your cup of tea, may be the current new entry AF models from Canon can be of good consideration to you.

The Canon EOS 1n with the familiar "white lenses" has appeared on any major international sporting events. But those are for pros, who justifies their investment of which can be covered within a year or two.. not you and me. But if want to portray yourself as a pro-looked photographer, go ahead. These flagship models are built to last and packs the best of currently available AF technologies.

Canon EOS-1 Series Site
Nikon AF SLR site:
Nikon F5, Nikon F4
Packing some of the most modern and up-to-date AF technologies within, the Canon EOS 1n. But for a starter, may not be the right choice to be your first camera to start with. But I know those tempting advertisement does look attractive and leads you to imagine you are a "Pro"... and lenses without a gold, red OR green lining on the front panel are not lenses with quality and class...and that is very bad indeed to have that kind of thought.

This EOS 1x certainly looks attractive and appealing when you have the budget to opt for an AF entry. But the shop assistant will not tell you it is an APS (Advance Photo System). Which is not compatible with many of the cheap cameras, lenses or accessories available in the secondary used market. Its biggest advantage was its compactness and some tiny gimmicks that packed within most APS cameras. While draw backs are lack of total system support and chances are you may have to detached from the mainstream 35mm system and going along with what it has to offer. Concept and compatibility issue varies based on individual manufacturers, you have to check to find out yourself. This time around, the combined force of all the players in the photographic industries are quite determined to force the public to accept their direction set, but It is not my cup of tea... and there is nothing wrong with my camera yet.

Still NOT Convinced ? Hehe... Click here !

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