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These breakdown cost per print was presented by a photo-finisher friend of mine - Reasons why he never invested into providing APS services.

Normal 35mm:

Processing/Roll - RM$5-00
3R Size Print range from 0.40-0.45 Sen per print
4R Size Print range from 0.50-0.60 Sen per print

(Based on a 36 exposures on 4R/Roll)

RM5.00 (processing) + RM21.60 (36 exp x 0.60 sen) = RM26-60 per roll in 4R print
(3R is even cheaper @0.40-0.45 per print).

APS Services

Processing/Roll - RM$5-00

Index Print: RM8-00 per print (You ought to have this to check what have you snapped - just like Contact print in 35mm).
'C' Size Print around 0.70 Sen per print (4R)
'H' Size (1/2" longer) 0.80 Sen per print (4Rs)
'P' Size (
Panoramic) RM2.00 - RM2.50 per print

(Based on a 36 exp on 'C' Size)

RM5.00 (processing) + RM8.00 (Index Print) + RM25.20 (36 exp x 0.70 sen) = RM38.20

* 'C' is used on APS because first comparison was using cost of a 4R print. Price comparison was based on rates charged on a retail outlet in Kuala Lumpur.

Goohs, that is almost 44% extra ! While on the other hand, the raw materials used is lesser...(An APS negative is 56% the area of a 35mm negative). Don't argue with me on cost of product development, becoz' in the first place, I didn't ask them to waste their R&D effort into these and neither I want this issue become part of my problem, it is theirs - not mine.

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