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Canon F1 - Booster T Finder (Operation)


This section covers: Loading the Battery; Checking the Battery; Attachment *

Next Section Covers:; Metering with Booster; Metering with Camera
Metering with High Film Speed; Using External Power Source

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Loading the Battery

One 6V silver battery No. 544 is used. Screw the cover of the battery chamber off and load the battery with the(3side facing towards you.

Checking the Battery

Turn the main switch to the "C" side and check the position of the needle in the Booster's meter window. When the needle swings to the blue mark, the battery has sufficient voltage. Otherwise, replace the battery with a new one.

Attachment *

1. When attaching, set the same film speed on both the camera side and the Booster side.

2. Set the shutter speed on the camera side at a speed of less than 1/30 of a second. Then attach the Booster T Finder.

3. Once attached, turn the shutter speed dial of the Booster to either left or right to couple it with the camera side.


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