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For detailed camera operations of the Canon F-1, * Click here first.

1. Flash Socket
2. Focusing Ring
3. Servo EE Finder Coupling Socket
4. Bayonet Ring for Cap and Hood
5. Preset Aperture R ing
6. Bayonet Mount Ring
7. Stopped-down Functioning/Self-Timer Lever
8. Film Speed Set Ring
9. ASA Film Speed Scale
10. Time Lock/Shutter Lock Lever
11. Frame Counter
12. Accessory Shoe
13. Contact for Flash Unit
14. Safety Stopper
15. Contact for Flash-Auto Control
16. Film Rewind Crank
17. Film Plane Indicator
18. Light-Taking Window for Meter Informati~
19. Viewfinder Release Button
20. Distance Scale
21. Eye-level Finder
22. Shutter Speed D ial
23. Guide Pin
24. Shutter Speed Coupling Pin
25. Film Advance Lever
26. Shutter Release Button

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An external source Prepared by Christian Rollinger for Canon F1's Camera Operational Manual in PDF (2.58MB)

Update: Scanned Copies of Canon F-1 Repair Manual (4.8MB) at Christian Rollinger website.


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