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Canon F-1 - Detail handling/Operations Part I

This section covers: Power Source for Light Metering; Battery Check; Film Advance Lever; Viewfinder info; Focusing

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Power Source for Light Metering

Into the bottom part of the camera body, insert one 1.3 V H-D type mercury battery, equivalent to the US Mallory PX 625 or the Eveready EPX 625.

Do not use higher voltage (over 1.4 V) mercury batteries, such as Mallory RM 625 or Eveready E 625 E, since they will cause the meter to read too high causing under-exposure reading.

This is the camera's power source for exposure metering. The battery chamber can be opened by unscrewing it with a coin. Be sure to place the battery with the (+) and the (-) poles in the correct position. A new battery will work for about a year.

Battery Check

Battery check image
Set the ASA film speed scale at ASA 100 and the. shutter speed at 1/2000 of a second. Then check the position of the meter needle in the viewfinder while at the same time you turn the switch of the power source battery to "C".

When you set the film speed scale, lift and turn the corresponding ring around the shutter speed dial. To set the dial at a shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second, turn it clockwise until it stops and cannot be turned any more.

Film Advance Lever - A single stroke of 180 is possible as well as a series of short strokes.

When film advances, shutter release and mirror operation are activated. When shutter release button is pressed and a frame is exposed, it is ready to wind for another film advance.

Film Winding and Shutter Release Button Lock

When the mark on the lock ring is not turned to the "A" position, it is impossible to proceed to press the shutter release button or to wind film.

This device is useful when carrying the camera around. Shutter release button lock should be turned to- the "L" position to avoid accidental tripping of the shutter.


A standard ring with -1.2 diopters is attached to the eyepiece. Those who cannot see through it clearly can interchange it with any of the other dioptric adjustment lenses. The focusing screen inside the viewfinder box can also be interchanged. A focusing screen A of the standard type is installed at the factory.

The following information will be obtained through the viewfinder.

Viewfinder info.image


Turn the focusing ring when looking through the viewfinder. When the image in it becomes sharper and clearer it is in focus, and it is out of focus when otherwise. When the object or subject matter snap-in focus, the image on the microprism rangefinder is sharp and the microprism almost disappears.

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This page has a converted pdf file (128 K) for download. Click on icon to proceed. 

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