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Part V

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Preliminary Preparations  

Checking the Batteries  

1) Open the palm wing on the side of the camera and press the battery check button ( ~ ). Battery voltage is then shown on the display panel.

Batery power is sufficient.

Replace the batteries with new ones.

Even if one blinking bar mark or no bar mark appears on the display panel while checking the batteries, exposure will be correct as long as the shutter releases.

< Batteries >

This camera will not operate without batteries. Try to make a habit of checking the batteries at the following times.

After loading new batteries.
After storing the camera for a long time.
If the shutter does not release.
When you are using the camera in low temperatures.
Before shooting important events.

Use a new set of batteries as specified below or equivalent batteries of another brand.
1. Four AA size 1.5 V alkaline batteries LR6 (AM-3)
2. Four AA size 1.5 V carbon-zinc batteries R6 (SUM-3)
3. Four AA size 1.2 V Ni-Cd batteries


Always use four new batteries of the same brand and replace them at the same time.
Wipe the battery terminals and the camera contacts with a clean, dry cloth before loading, to ensure proper contact.
Remove the batteries if you do not expect to use the camera for about three weeks or longer.
When shooting in temperatures below 0°C (32°F), keep your camera and spare batteries close to your body or in a pocket to keep them warm until you are ready to take a picture. You can also use a set of Ni-Cd batteries which function well in low temperature. - approx. 15 rolls in the HIGH mode and 45 rolls. in the LOW mode at -20°C ( - 4°F) with 24-exp. film. (- p.34)
When using Ni-Cd batteries, please note that different brands have different types of terminals. Be sure to use a type which is suitable for the camera.
Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for recharging Ni-Cd batteries.
Three bars ( - ) may not appear on the display panel during the battery check, even if using fully charged Ni-Cd batteries, because of their low nominal voltage.
The battery naturally discharges even when not in use, so try to check the batteries regularly.

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