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Part VI

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Preliminary Preparations  

Loading the Film  

1) To open the back cover, push the back cover latch down while pressing the back cover lock button. 2) Insert the upper flat end of the film cartridge into the film chamber first, then lower the other end. The film-load check mark (@) will then appear on the display to indicate that film is loaded.

3) Pull the film leader across the back of the camera until its tip is aligned with the orange index. 4) Close the back cover. The camera will advance the film automatically and stop when "1" appears in the frame counter brackets on the display panel.

5) Make sure that the film has no slack and that its perforations are properly engaged with the sprocket teeth.


Before loading the first film cartridge, remove the plastic insert and throw it away.

NEVER touch the shutter curtain. It is sensitive to pressure due to its high precision design.

Be careful that the f ilm leader does not touch the shutter curtain, either.

* If the film leader extends past the orange index, take out the film cartridge and manually wind the excess film back into the cartridge.

When the humidity is high, film becomes soft and is easily torn. Keep the film stored in its canister until just before you load it to keep it from tearing.

While the camera is advancing the film, the film transport bars (also serve as the battery check marks) will appear at the bottom of the display panel moving in sequence from left to right. If the film has not been correctly advanced, however, the bars blink after the camera has stopped. In that case, reload the film.

<Automatic Setting of the Film Speed>
The T90 is designed to automatically set film speed by sensing the DX code marked on the film cassette.

1. When using a film with DX code, you do not have to set the film speed. (ISO 25 - 5000)
The film speed automatically set according to the DX code will appear on the display panel while the camera is advancing the film toward the first usable frame.

2. When using a film without DX code, set the film speed manually.
a) While pressing the film speed button, turn the electronic input dial until the film speed (indicated by ISO) of your film appears on the display panel. (ISO 6 - 6400)

b) Remove your finger from the film speed button.
The preset film speed will appear and blink on the display panel to warn you if the film speed is not set. Always be sure to set the film speed correctly. (Once the film speed is set, the warning stops)

Film passing through X-ray examinations at airports, even when loaded in a camera, may be exposed and ruined. To avoid accidental exposure, tell the inspector you want your camera and film hand checked.

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