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Canon T90 - Camera Instruction Manual

Part VII

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Basic Operation

Shooting with the Lens Set on "A" Mark.

Setting the Film Rewind Mode  

Shooting Capacity (with 24-exp. film)


Film winding mode

Alkaline (LR6/AM-3)

Carbon-zinc (R6/SUM-3)

Normal (20°C/68°F)







Low (-10°C/14°F)







Low (-20°C/-4°F)








*based on canon's standard test method

S (single) : single frame

C (continuous): H (high): max. 4.5 frames per second C (continuous): L (low): max. 2 frames per second

1 ) Open the palm wing and set the film winding mode/self-timer selector to "S-C".
S-C: film winding mode setting
: self-timer setting ( - p.84)

2) Press and release the film winding mode button (also serves as the self-timer button) to set the desired film winding mode on the display panel.
Automatic Film Winding Speed Changeover Function

The Canon T90 has an automatic film winding speed changeover function which will change the film winding speed from HIGH to LOW mode when battery power drops below a prescribed voltage. This saves battery energy and extends battery life, so more pictures can be taken with the same batteries.
When the winding speed is automatically switched to the LOW from HIGH, the ">" mark pointing at the HIGH on the display panel starts blinking to warn you.

In this case:
1. If you wish to drive the camera in the HIGH mode, replace the batteries with new ones.
2. If you want to make the blinking ">" stop, though you continue to shoot in the LOW mode, press the film winding mode button to set the "> " mark to LOW mode on the display panel.

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