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Other Shooting/ Exposure Compensation

Shooting with Infrared Film

When you load the T90 with black and white infrared film, it is necessary to make a slight adjustment in focus. A red infrared index is engraved on most Canon lenses for this purpose.
1) Focus as usual looking through the view-
2) If, for example, the lens is focused at 10 m on the distance scale turn the focusing ring to align the 10 m mark with the red dot.
3) Release the shutter after making this correction.
1. When using infrared film, it is necessary to use a deep red filter, as specified by the film manufacturer.
2. The position of the infrared index mark has been computed for the use of infrared film with peak sensitivity at 800 nm.
3. When using color infrared film, read the instructions of the film manufacturer.

speedlite300TL8mdm.jpg Speedlite277T1mdm.jpg 199Aflashbmdm.jpg

Various Canon
Speeedlite models.

Flash Photography

Canon developed the PMS (Permanent Magnet Shutter), which makes flash photography with an X-sync speed of 1/250 sec possible.
The Canon Speedlite 300TL is an impressive flash unit for exclusive use with the T90. It has solved the ptoblems of both conventional TTL and external flash systems. The main features are as follows:

< Canon Speedlite 300TL >
1. A-TTL Mode

This mode automatically responds to a wide range of illuminations from dark surroundings to bright, so automatic fill-in flash is possible. Using the TTL control system, this mode measures the light reflected from the film surface directly by the sensor inside the camera. In cases such as fill-in flash photography, this A (Advanced)-TTL mode balances the exposure level between the main subject and the background to prevent unnatural effects.
2. FE Lock TTL Mode

With the world's first spot metering for flash photography using the principle of AE lock, this mode gives correct exposure even when the main subject is not in the center of the viewfinder. TTL flash photography is possible without being affected by the reflectivity of the film in use since the TTL control system of this mode does not use the reflection from the film surface. Automatic fill-in flash is possible.

´ "FE lock" stands for flash exposure lock.

4. Second Curtain Synchronization

With the focal plane shutter, flash synchronization is made when the first shutter curtain is fully open. With the combination of the Speedlite 300TL, however, it is also possible to make the flash synchronization just before the second shutter curtain starts running.

In addition, the "P" position at which even beginners can enjoy advanced techniques such as fillin flash, without fear of failure, is provided. Manual flash photography is also possible in the Manual Hi mode with a guide number of 30 (ISO 100.m) and in the Manual Lo mode with that of 7.5 (ISO 100.m). Aside from exposure control, the Speedlite 300TL offers several other features. One is bounce flash. Another feature is the built-in zoom of its flash head, which can use flash energy more efficiently. One of its safety features is the SE (Save-energy) function which prevents unnecessary consumption of battery energy if you forget to turn off the flash. The Canon Speedlite 300TL is thus a high-performance, automatic, electronic flash unit.
3. FE Lock + H/S Control

It is also possible to use the FE lock mode of the Speedlite 300TL with the H/S control of the T90 to independently control the exposure level for the main subject with the flash and the exposure level for the background with the ambient light.

When using multiple flash accessories such as the TTL Hot Shoe Adapter, the TTL Distributor and the Off-camera Shoe Adapter with the Speedlite 300TL automatic TTL multiple flash photography is possible with up to four flash units

* First curtain synchronization (The flow of light is unnatural for the subjects' movement) * Second curtain synchronization (natural)

Viewfinder Information
When the shutter button is pressed halfway, after the flash has been charged, you can confirm the exposure in the viewfinder.

<Other Canon Speedlites >

1. T-series Speedlites

´ PROGRAM mode - The shutter speed is automatically set to 1/90 sec upon flash-charge completion. An aperture is selected automatically by the flash.
´ F.NO.SET mode - The shutter speed is automatically set to 1/90 sec upon flash-charge completion. An aperture is set on the flash manually.

2. 577G, 533G and A-series Speedlites
´ The shutter speed is automatically set to 1 /90 sec upon flash -charge completion. An aperture is set on the flash manually.

When using the Speedlite with the manual mode for example, the 299T in manual flash mode, the X-sync speed will be 1/250 sec. (When the lens is removed from the "A" mark and the T90 is set to the shutter-priority AE mode, the X-sync speed can be set between 30 and 1/250 sec.)

It is recommended that a Canon Speedlite be usec with this camera. Using a flash (usually with more than two contacts) or flash accessory of another maker may cause the camera to work improperly or even possibly damage the camera itself.

<Other Makers' Flashes>

1. Standard type flashˇThe X-sync speed can be set to 1/250 sec or slower.
2. Large studio type flashˇThe X-sync speed must be set to 1/125 sec or slower.
When the large studio type flash or the general cable connection type flash is used with the T90, the Canon Hot Shoe Adapter is required to connect the flash with the camera.

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