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Part XIX

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Interchangeable Focusing Screens

You can change the focusing screen in your T90 according to your specific focusing needs. Canon offers eight different types of focusing screens for the T90.



A: Microprism
Matte/Fresnel field with microprism rangefinder spot in the center of the screen. Especially suited for general photography when using an aperture of f/5.6 or larger.
B: New Split
Matte/Fresnel field with split-image rangefinder spot in the center of the screen. The lens is in focus when the bottom half is even with the upper half. Suited for general photography since unlike former focusing screens, rarely does one-half of the rangefinder darken, even when using small maximum aperture lenses.
C: All Matte
Matte/Fresnel field with clear matte center spot. Especially recommended for macro and telephoto photography, this screen enables the entire field of view to be seen without distraction. The lens is in focus when the subject can be clearly seen.
D: Matte/Section
Similar to C screen but with horizontal and vertical reference lines. Recommended for architectural photography and copy work in which accurate image placement is essential.
E: New Split/Microprism
Standard with the T90. Three focusing methods (split image, microprism and matte/fresnel) are possible according to preference.
H: Matte/Scale
Matte/Fresnel field with fine matte center plus horizontal and vertical scales in millimeters. Recommended for close-ups, photomacrography copy work and architectural photography where it is useful to know the size of the subject or the magnification involved.
I: Double Cross-hair Reticle
Matte/Fresnel field with clear center spot containing double cross-hair reticle. While focusing, move your eye left to right. If crosshairs stay in the same position on the subject, then the subject is in focus. Recommended for photomicrography, astrophotography, or other applications requiring high magnifications.
L: Cross Split-image
Matte/Fresnel field with cross split-image in the center of the screen which divides the subject in half both horizontally and vertically. The subject is in focus when the four quarters merge to become one unbroken image. Suitable for general photography.

NEVER change the screen with your fingers. A special tool is provided with each accessory focusing screen to facilitate screen replacement.

These focusing screens are exclusively designed for the T90.
Do not use them on other cameras.

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