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Part XX

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Caring for Your Camera

As with any precision instrument proper care and maintenance involve a few simple rules in addition to common sense. Observing these few rules will keep your T90 in top condition at all tames.
We recommend that you clean your T90 periodically using the tools listed below.

Cleaning tools: Blower brush, Cleaning fluid; Cleaning tissue, Silicone cloth

(1) To clean the lens surface and the view finder :
Blow off dust with the blower brush and then gently wipe the lens surface with a lens cleaning tissue which has been moistened with a few drops of lens cleaner.

(2) To clean the reflecting mirror and the focusing screen:
Use only a blower brush. If more cleaning is necessary, NEVER attempt to do it yourself but take it to an authorized Canon service facility.

(3) To clean the film chamber:
The film chamber also requires occasional cleaning with a blower brush to remove accumulated film dust particles which might scratch the film.

(4) To clean the film pressure plate and the film guide rails:
Lightly wipe the surface with a cleaning tissue moistened with cleaning fluid.


Be careful NEVER to touch the shutter curtain.

After using the camera on a beach, clean it thoroughly. Salt and sand are your T90's worst enemies.

Aerosol spray dust removers are not recommended for the shutter curtain area. If used hold the can at least 20 cm (8 inches) away from the curtain.

Storage of your T9O

The best thing you can do for your T90 is to use it regularly. In the event that you must store it for quite a while, however, first remove it from its case or camera bag. Remove the batteries. Wrap the camera in a clean, soft cloth and place it in a cool, dry, dust-free place. If you store the body and lens separately, attach both the body and rear lens caps.

Avoid storing your T90 in the following places:

"Hot Spots" such as the trunk, rear window shelf or glove compartment of a car.
Laboratories or other such areas where chemicals may cause corrosion.
In direct sunlight.

Before using the T90 after it has been stored for a long time or before using the camera for important events, carefully check the operation of each part.

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