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Minolta Maxxum ("Dynax") 7000

Contents appearing in this site are based on an original copy of the Maxxum 7000 to develop. There can be many reasons why you are in this site. Regardless whether you are thinking of buying an used unit or have already owned one, to ensure you get optimum results from your camera, carefully study this manual. The Minolta Maxxum 7000 is an automatic SLR camera that requires battery to power all its function. Inside its shell, despite its age and the computer technology employed may be outdated (one reason you must considered before thinking of getting yourself an used unit) but they are still adequately good enough to bring fascinating dimensions to your photography. From key control to centralized data display, every aspect of the 7000 is designed for easy operation and outstanding results.

Among its Major Features are:

* High-tech autofocusing for precise, instant sharpness with the full range of new Minolta AF lenses.
* LCD data panels on top and in viewfinder for maximum information in each mode.
* Auto multi-program mode that automatically sets an AE program to match the actual focal length in use-with unique program shift to tailor each for special needs.
* Aperture- and shutter-priority modes plus metered manual for total flexibility.
* Auto film control for loading, automatic film speed setting with DX-coded films, single-frame or continuous advance at up to two frames per second, plus power rewind.

Some Advanced Accessories that be of significant interest include:

* The Program Flash units with AF assist for autofocus in low light or total darkness, TTL metering in all modes, and a new auto fill-flash program.
* The Program Back 70 that makes data imprinting, intervalometer operation, and long exposures easier than ever.
* Many new series of Minolta AF lenses can be used on the camera and it has its own original matching series of lenses range from 24mm wideangle to 300mm f/2.8 APO tele and include five lightweight macro-zooms.
* User-changeable focusing screens, wireless remote controls, eyepiece correctors, etc., fill out the growing system.

Before using your 7000, it is always safer to spend sometime read and understand the content appeared in this manual. As you do, attach the lens, load batteries, switch on power, and learn about the camera's parts and features. Then load it with film and proceed to actual picture-taking. Be sure to follow the instructions and notes, and keep this site bookmarked, or considered to print copies from tha pages contained herein or simply download these pages onto your hard disk for offline browsing/reference. This way you can get better pictures and take full advantage of the many advanced features built into your Minolta 7000.

<<<<<<- ----- Credit: Image Copyright © 2002 Courtesy of Johannes Huntjens <yawn>

If for any resons you must use this camera now,
here is a simple
Operational Sequences in Setting Up the Maxxum 7000 for immediate usage.

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Strap and case ..... Summary of operation in P mode. . Attaching lens Remove lens.....Care of glass surface ... Batteries and power .... Check condition ... low power ... Cold weather .. Memory storage ...... Main switch ......slow speed warning ... shutter release button .. Operating button ......meter ON/OFF .. autofocus with focus hold ... Film loading ...... frame counter load precaution ... Setting film speed ...... Fundamentals of exposure* ...... Exposure mode selection ....... Program mode ...... Program shift ...... Aperture-priority mode ....Set aperture Aperture .. Shutter-priority mode ....set Shuter Speeds .. .. Metered-manual mode ...... Aperture and shutter speeds ...... Drive modes ..... Autofocusing ....... focus signal .. special conditions .. Manual focusing ........ Taking pictures ......... Rewinding and unloading film ...... Flash photography ...... Creative aperture control* ....... Creative shutter-speed control* ...... AE lock ....... Exposure adjustment ........... When to use AE lock and exposure adjustment ......... Depth of field* ....... Timed long exposures ("bulb" operation) ... Self-timer operation......cancel operation .. eyepicecap ... mounting camera on tripod ... Other focusing methods (Distance scale, Infrared, Film Plance index)...... Accessories .......Flash and other units .. Control Grip CG-1000 set .. Program Back Super 70 and Program back 70 ... AF lenses ...Focusing Screens ...Wireless Controller IT 1N... remote cords RC-1000L, RC 1000s... battery holder and external power pack .. eyepice corrector .. Filters and other accessories .. Note from Minolta on compatibility and warranty issues... Care, Maintenance and Storage .... Technical Specification / details .......

* Basic information on photo principles and techniques

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Credit: Mr Aaron Oh, for lending his old Maxxum 7000 brochure to prepare certain content appeared in this site; LEONID.SL<> for his great image of the Maxxum 9000; Johannes Huntjens <>, LT Jack B. Nunley <> and "Jarret LaMark" <> for their generosity for granting permission to use some of the Maxxum 7000 images appeared in this site; for his image of the Minolta Maxxum 7000 AF Body / Program Back 70;"Camera Works" <> for some superb view of the camera; Dan Dorsey <> for his shots of the 7000 Body w/ Org. Box & Manual; "Rehmat Iqbal" <><> for being so considerate and helpful. Certain content and images appeared in this site were either scanned from official marketing leaflets, Instruction Manual(s) & brochures published by Minolta and/or contribution from surfers who claimed originality of their work for educational purposes. The creator of the site will not be responsible for may discrepancies arise from such dispute except rectifying them after verification. "Minolta", "Rokkor", "X-700", "Dynax" & "Maxxum" are registered trade names of Minolta Optical Inc., Japan. A site dedicated to all Minolta fans worldwide. Site made with an Apple IMac.