Stripped Down images of Minolta XM Motor by Gino Mancini

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From: "Gino Mancini" <>
To: "Foo Pak Sooi Leonard" <>
Subject: Re: XM internals
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 20:57:49 -0000
X-Priority: 3


Please find attached various pictures of my part dissembled XM, you are
welcome to use any of these images. I spent most of today trying to
get this beast working properly again, and for a short while succeeded. But
the shutter soon failed again and I eventually gave up and put it all back
together. I think it is a combination of a worn out camera and my own
inexperience, it might make a good paperweight!

I think that the XM is little known these days because it was so
expensive when new and few were sold. I recall that the only 35mm SLR
that cost more than an XM was a Leicaflex. (The Nikon F2 was much cheaper).

I believe that it was also the 2nd 35mm still camera (Contarex electronic
being the first) to use electronic control of the speeds. 16 seconds to 1/2000
remains quite an impressive range even these days. I checked my other XM body
yesterday and the speeds were quite accurate - much better than any
'clockwork timed' cameras that I have

As a long time appreciator of quality cameras, I had been looking for an XM
for several years as it had become apparent to me that Minolta's 70's
flagship was a rather good example of the art. Eventually 2 came along,
perhaps a motorised one might turn up one day...


Gino Mancini





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