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Minolta XK/XM/X-1 Motor (XK for US & Canadian Market, XM for Europe, X-1 for Asia and Oceania)

The Year of production
: 1976
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Minolta produced XK/XM/X-1 Motor as the Motorized system camera for Professional heavy-duty use based on XK/XM/X-1 camera in 1976. XK/XM/X-1 Motor is the first 35mm SLR camera expressly produced for motorized operation with automatic/manual exposure and frame-rate control and interchangeable viewfinder.

The exclusive one-piece motor-drive body enable reliability, efficiency, and ease of use superior to detachable motor units, plus utmost durability in extended heavy-duty use.

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The quick response AE-S finder is prepared as the standard finder for motor drive. The metering is center-weighted type by silicon photo cell. This finder allowed full aperture priority operation from 1/2000th sec to 16 seconds.

All images of the XK Motor courtesy of: Satosh Oka who also maintains a site in Japan on his own relates to Minolta XK and XD series SLR bodies.


Type: 35mm single lens reflex with electronic focal plane shutter. Interchangeable finder/screen type.
Lens Mount: Stainless-steel Minolta SLR bayonet mount (Minolta SR)

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Shutter:Electronically controlled horizontal-run focal-plane type with titanium curtains and 2 mechanically controlled settings. Electronic speeds: 1/2000th sec to 16 seconds in steps, 8 to 1/2000th sec continuously variable (with AE-S Finder)
Mechanical settings: X (1/100th sec.) and B.

Viewfinder: Interchangeable type showing 98% of area appearing on film
Film Advance: Motor-dirve: By single micro motor for S(single-frame) or 1, 2, 3, and "H" (3.5) continuous frames per second set by selector on back of motor-drive housing. Automatic advanced stop by film-tension sensor when film exhausted
: Lever type, single- or multiple stroke, 110degree winding angle after 20 degree unengaged movement
Motor-driven: By same motor as for film advance(time about 9 sec. with fresh batteries and average condition); activated by motor rewind lever; automatic switch-off by film sensor pin leaves end of film leader outside cartridge; drive reset to advance mode when camera back opened.
Manual: by crank
Mirror: Oversize quick-return type (PO value: 140mm; finder image cutoff negligible even with 1600mm RF Rokkor extreme telephoto) ;
Flash Sync: X contact, 1/100th sec. and longer speeds; FP Contact, All speeds through 1/2000th sec.; single terminal with X/FP switch, direct contact on optional accessory for cordless flash unit.
Power Source: Exposure control, 2 alkaline-manganese or silver-oxide batteries (Eveready EPX-76/S-76 or equivalent) lever-lamp type checker on end of body
For Motor: Ten 1.5v AA batteries.
Dimension and weight: 83 x 147.5 x 171, 1450g with AE-S Finder and Standard Battery Pack without lens and batteries.

AE-S Finder:
Type: Eye level pentaprism with built-in meter; automatic electronic and metered/manual exposure control apparatus.
Magnification: 0.8x with 50mm lens focused at infinity
Circuit: Special low-voltage constant-current type incorporating monolithic IC's for computation, memory, and auto shutter-control functions, powered by 2 silver-oxide batteries in camera body.
Visible through eyepiece: F-number set (with most Minolta MC lenses), stepless 2-range LED/digital indication of shutter speed (being set on "AUTO" or for proper exposure on manual mode) by 8 light-emitting diodes which also give range-changing indication, function/step-shutter-speed setting.
Metering: Full aperture TTL Centre-Weighted type by silicon photocell mounted on pentaprism, for Minolta MD or MC lenses; stop-down metering also possible, for other lenses
Measuring range: -2 EV to 17 EV (e.g. 8 sec. at f1.4 to 1/2000 sec at f8) for single frame operation, EV 3 to EV 17 (e.g. 1/4sec. at f1.4 to 1/2000 sec at f8) for continuous operation with f1.4 lens at ASA 100.
Auto shutter-speed range: 8 to 1/2000sec.
Film-speed range: ASA 12 to 6400, set by selector with 1/3-stop locking increments and setting release
Screen compensation: -0.5EV to +3.5EV in 0.5EV click graduations by control on film-speed selector
Others: Built-in eyepiece shutter actuated by lever
Dimension and weight: 42 x 64 x 77.5mm, 215g

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Download a spec sheet for your future reference: HTML | PDF (20k)

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Specification for XK/XM/X-1:
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Additional info on
XK | XM Motor - by Satosh Oka
More images on XK Motor By : Stephen Schwartz (New)
XK USA fold-out Product brochure in HTML files
and a huge
PDF (1.3MB) copy. Contributed by : Mark Wasmer

Some fabulous views of the Internal Structures that made up of a Minolta XM by Gino Mancini (New);Three great images of a Minolta XM/XM Motor scanned by Hervé Prigent of France (New)

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