The Minolta XK | XM SLR, 1974-1975 Scanned Images

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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 23:55:48 EST
Subject: XK USA fold out brochure,
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Enclosed please find a folder containing the XK camera brochure from 1974-1975. I hope you will find this helpful. I owned one of these cameras from 1979-1983, trading it in on a XD11 around that time. I am using and shooting with a Minolta Maxxum 9000 and 7000i. Good Luck on your endeavor

Mark Wasmer
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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: IF you own a XD-7 / XD-11 | XK / XM models or any other resources relative to the camera or motor drive/winder/lenses set up, please mail me to make this site more complete. Appropriate credit will be given. I am quite 'dry" on the XK | XM Motor models and hopefully you can fill the vacuum I left here...

Basic Camera Operations XK/XM/X-1: 5 Parts
Specification for XK/XM/X-1:
Main Reference Map for XK/XM/X-1:
HTML | PDF (250k)
Additional info on
XK | XM Motor - by Satosh Oka
More images on XK Motor By : Stephen Schwartz (New)
XK USA fold-out Product brochure in HTML files
and a huge
PDF (1.3MB) copy. Contributed by : Mark Wasmer

Some fabulous views of the Internal Structures that made up of a Minolta XM by Gino Mancini (New);Three great images of a Minolta XM/XM Motor scanned by Hervé Prigent of France (New)

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