The Minolta XK Motor by Stephen Schwartz

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Greetings Mr. Leonard,
Let me know what angle you want the camera photographed at, I'll be more than happy to shoot it for you. Photo credit is more than enough.

Stephen Schwartz



Click on the smaller images to see an enlarged view. This unit is also meant for sale if an offer price is attactive enough, you may contact Steve for more detail.

Credit: All images appeared in this page were taken by Stephen Schwartz, retouched for presentation by leofoo.

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Basic Camera Operations for Minolta XK/XK : 5 Parts
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Additional info on
XK | XM Motor - by Satosh Oka
XK USA fold-out Product brochure in HTML files
and a huge
PDF (1.3MB) copy. Contributed by : Mark Wasmer

Some fabulous views of the Internal Structures that made up of a Minolta XM by Gino Mancini (New);Three great images of a Minolta XM/XM Motor scanned by Hervé Prigent of France (New)

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