Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon F3 - Interchangeable Viewfinders - Part IV

Action Finder DA-2 features special prism optics that let you view the entire image with your eye up to 2 1/2" from the finder - a vital advantage in situations requiring protective eye wear, when the camera is used in an underwater housing, overhead inverse coverage news sessions or for split-second sport action coverage.

Speed Finder.jpg speedfinder3.jpg DA-2 Optic.gif
speedfinder1.jpg speedfinder2.jpg
The advantages presented by this very attractive finder are obvious, but the only draw back is its afford ability. It sells for almost double than that of the High Eyepoint finder. But the return on such an investment is an all round multipurpose prism with comfortable in viewing, focus and composing. The DA-2 was also sometimes called "Speed Finder". Full workable metering function is possible with this finder. It is slightly odd looking when mounted onto a F3.

Even today, prices for used Action Finder remain high. I have always wanted to have one unit but often put off the idea when seeing the prices of the finder in the used market.

DA2USnavyB.jpg DA2USnavyA.jpg
Nikon DA-2 Telescope Modified View Finder DA2

Here is for a Nikon DA-2 finder that surfaced at Ebay auction. This particular one has been modified for the US Navy.  It does not have the internal prism, so that it shows an uncorrected, upside down image. 

DA2USnavyC.jpg DA2USnavyD.jpg
Credit: Images courtesy of Laura Kornylak ® <> from shutterblade*com where the Company has a website on its own. Image copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Waist Finder.jpg DW-3 Optic.gif
Waist Level Finder DW-3 facilitates low-angle and close-up work. Extremely compact, with a pop-up magnifier folding hood that opens and closes with a touch of your finger, it lets you view and focus from above (or below, with the camera held overhead). Features flip-up 5X magnifier for critical focusing.

The design of the Nikon waist level finders has always been disappointing and lacks creativity. It is still seeing an inverse image - but it is an essential tool when you are doing copying work on the vertical stand and when situation where you need to work really low level of shooting, for instance: macro photography at ground level. If you have owned a Hassseblad Classic series, you will know how it is.

Can a waist level finder be made better ? Yes ! Among the few top professional SLR bodies during the eighties (frankly, that is hard to emulate anymore, because neither Pentax nor Canon have interchangeable finder feature on their current top of the line AF models), Pentax LX has the most innovative prism design among the pack with their Interchangeable FB-1 system finders and even the Canon's Speed Finder is equally impressive with a projection of an un-reverse image in the viewfinder and also can act as a waist or angled finder - both came with a design far more sophisticated than the Nikon's Waist Level finder.

Well, I can't deny that fact that the Nikon's finder was the most compact and affordable among all. Strange, up to the waist level finder available for the F5, the design has not been changed and had little innovation, it is still showing an inverse image. Maybe Nikon thinks the medium format Hasselblad Classic models have a similar 'problem' since the fifties and no one complains, why should you complain so much ? Errr...

6X finder.jpg DW-4 Optic.gif
6X Focusing Finder DW-4 is ideal for exacting duplicating, photomicrography, scientific research or astronomical photography. Its 6-element optics magnify the entire image (including data readouts) fully 6X magnification. Built in -5 to +3 dioptre adjustment assures highest accuracy and comfort.
It permits aerial (parallax) focusing with appropriate F3 screens. Other than it is an excellent finder, it also serves as a superior quality loupe for inspecting negatives and slides. It comes with rubber eyepiece cup and eyepiece shutter.

DW4shutterbladB.jpg DW4shutterbladC.jpg DW4shutterbladA.jpg
Credit: Image courtesy of Laura Kornylak ® <> from shutterblade*com where the Company has a website on its own. Image copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.



Recently, there was an auction on at Ebay where a very unusual DW-4 was shown: Seller's unedited description reads "... Very rare and special finder called DW-4 to be used with all Nikon F3 cameras. Heavy and well built, this finder is very seldom found on the market...".

Nikon F3 AF SLR camera
The DX-1 Finder is specifically meant for Nikon F3AF (April, 1983) and provides TTL contrast detection. It also offers focus-aid operation for standard Nikon bodies.

Some handy accessories:

The viewing accessories in the Nikon system are standalone accessories. They are basically divided into two groups, other than the earlier accessories designed for the Nikon ultra compact SLRs ( FG/EM/FG20), these accessories can be shared among other mid compact manual focus SLR bodies such as Nikon FM/ NikonFE series models or the Nikon FA. Smaller accessories such as Rubber Eyecup DK-2, can even be shared with the autofocus Nikon F4 or the latest Nikon F5 .

Right-Angle Viewing Attachment DR-3

Provides an upright and unreversed image with right-angle viewing. Individual eyesight adjustment possible. Excellent for copywork. (DK-7 required for HP Finder).

Nikon Eyepiece Adaptor DK-7 also lets you attach the DR-3 or DG-2 to the F4's Multi-Meter Finder DP-20's eyepiece.

Nikon Eyepiece Magnifier DG-2

Provides 2x magnification of the central portion of the finder image with Eyepiece Adaptor DK-1. Eyesight adjustment provided. Useful for critical focusing in close-up photography. DK-7 required for HP finder.

Rubber Eyecup: DK-2/DK-4

The eyecup prevents stray light from entering the viewfinder from the rear and allows eyeglass wearers to use the F3, F4 or even the F5 without fear of scratching their glasses.

DK-2 for F3HP, F4 and F5; DK-4 for F3's DE-2. A MUST accessory if you shoot a lot...

Nikon Eyepiece Correction Lenses

Nine lenses for Nikon F3HP: -5, -4, -3, -2, 0, +1,+2 and +3 dioptres are available. When used with dioptre adjustment dial of the F4's Multi-Meter Finder DP-20 the combined adjustment range will be from -5 to +4 dioptres.


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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon F3 - Interchangeable Viewfinders - Part IV
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