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Other Accessories for Macro Photo Group

Macrophoto Stand VST-1 A rugged stand specially designed for close-up and high magnification photography. Usable with various stage plates. Complete with a round frosted plate (black at back) for incident light and a pair of stage clips. Height can be increased with an extension bar°C

Macrophoto Stand B Adapter For use with the Macrophoto Stand, to support the Auto Bellows or Focusing Rail on the Stand. This VST-1 stand consists of three seperate available units. The base unit is the Macrophoto Stand VST-1, which comes with frosted stage glass for incident light and may be used in conjunction with the Trans-illuminator Base X-DE for lighting of transparent subjects from beneath. The Macro Photo Stand B Adapter is designed for mounting the camera, the Auto Bellows or the Focusing Rail to the Macrophoto Stand VST-1. The Macrophoto Stand Extension Bar VST-E extends the height of the Macrophoto Stand VST-1 for longer subject distances, for instance when a standard lens or the 135mm Macro Lens is used.

Macrophoto Stand Extension Bar VST-E Extends the height of the Macrophoto Stand by Screwed into the Macrophoto Stand column. Length: 7.5cm (29.5")

Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE A multipurpose base stand permitting transmitted lighting in conjunction with Macrophoto Stand VST-1, Stage Glasses and other accessories. Producing 100V 20W direct or reflected light. Indispensable for holding the Macrophoto Stand VST-1 for magnified photographs. Supplied with a built-in 100V 20W illuminator with a mirror, and a pair of wooden hand rests for ease of operation. Can be used with various stage plates and filters. When used with the Lieberkuhn Reflector, it is convenient to replace the reflector mirror with the Centering Mirror PM-E LCS. The reversable plano-cylindrical mirror can be exchanged by the Centering Mirror PM-ELcs when a Lieberkühn Reflector is used for soft, shadowless lighting with the 20mm or 38mm Macro Lens.

Epi-Illuminators PM-LSD2
<<-- A set of two pieces providing ideal reflected light for macrophotography. This pair of illuminators offer vertical illumination essential to macrophotography.

A 6V to 8V variable transformer is provided. Eight filters are available in various sizes, including color, black and white, neutral density, etc. for transparent or translucent subjects.

The height of the illuminator is adjustable on the tall pillar, suitable to over stage or sub stage illumination. When used with the Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE, the Illuminator supplies transmitted light. Focusing is adjustable by shifting the bulb filament. The 26cm base stand and the tilt arm make it easy to direct the light source from the desired height and angle. The focus of the light beam is adjustable by shifting the bulb position; the light beam spread is also adjustable. A filter holder in front of the lamp accepts round filters. The Epi-illuminator PM-LSD 2 can also be used for incident lighting with a microscope.

Trans-Illuminator LSD -->>> This unit is a universal lighting source for transmitted lighting consisting of a 30W lamp, an exchangeable cobalt filter and a 6-8V variable transformer. Trans-Illuminator for use with the X-DE Trans-Illuminator Base. When the Lieberkuhn Reflector is added, vertical light is also available. A 6V,30W bulb is built-in. The condenser travels 1 8mm by rack and pinion for converging, diverging and parallel adjustments of light. Complete with transformer and square filter 60 x 45C. Provided with a filter holder for attachment of various OLYMPUS filters, round and square. Note: The 15cm stand makes it easy to direct the light source from the desired height and angle. A condensor lens mounted on a rack-and-pinion permits beam convergence at 10cm focal length, divergence or parallel adjustment. A built-in aperture allows precise adjustments of the light intensity. The detachable filter holder comes equipped with a square cobalt filter for daylight color temperature conversion. The filter holder accepts both square and round filters. It can be used as a source for transmitted lighting with the Trans-illuminator Base X-DE. Permits shadowless incident lighting when used with a Lieberkühn Reflector and the Shaded Stage Plate. The transformer TE-2 is also available as a separate unit. The Trans-illuminator LSD can also be used for transmitted lighting with a microscope. Note2: When the LSD or LSD 2 are used with color film, using a color temperature filter is essential. The round types can be used with the Epi-Illumitator PM-LSD 2 and with the Trans-Illumitator LSD. The square types can only be used with the LSD.

Stage Glasses (Clear, frosted-&-black)
Plate 45(metal disc, black)
Plate 28 (metal disc, black)
Shade Stage Plate

Supplied with two stage inserts; compatible with the Lieberkuhn Reflector. The center port accepts the stage insert on which a subject is placed.

Mechanical Stage FM This stage is used to mount subjects on the 28mm stage plate. The subject travels vertically and horizontally by precise adjustments with venire adjustments.

Spare Bulb 6V 5A TB-1* (for PM-LSD2 & LSD) Spare Bulb 6V 5A TP-1 * (for PMT-35)

Adapter PM-EA Accepts the photosensitive probe of the EMM-7 Exposure Meter in conjunction with the PMT-35 or Auto Bellows. Filters Round filters are used with the PM-LSD2 and LSD, square filters with the LSD only. There are color temperature compensation, monochromatic, neutral density, diffusion, heat absorbing and interference filters.

Lieberkuhn Reflector PM-LM20 Lieberkuhn Reflector PM-LM38 These Reflectors are available for use with the 20mm and 38mm Macro Lenses. When used with the LSD Trans-Illuminator, they make it possible to take photographs with excellent penetration and lack of shadows. These matted aluminium reflectors are easily clamped onto the 38mm or 20mm Macro lens.

Note: The Lieberkühn Reflector PM-LM 38 can only be used with the 38mm/F2.8 Auto Macro lens or the manual 38mm/F3.5 Macro lens. The Lieberkühn Reflector PM-LM 20 can only be used with the 20mm/F2 Auto Macro lens or the manual 20mm/F3.5 Macro lens.

Objective Lens Mount PM-MTob This objective mount enables you to mount the Zuiko Macro 20mm and 38mm to the Auto Bellows.
Incident Illuminator Mirror Housings PM-EL80, PM-EL38 and PM-EL20

These units are used with OLYMPUS Macro Lenses in conjunction with the Epi-Illuminator PM-LSD2 or Macro photographic Equipment PMT-35 to illuminate macro photographic objects with incident light. They are effective when shadowless pictures are desired. They facilitate incident lighting with respectively the 80mm, 38mm and 20mm Macro lenses. They are designed so as to be easily clamped onto the 80mm, 38mm or 20mm Macro Lenses (both the Manual versions and the Automatic versions). A transparent angle mirror reflects horizontal entering incident light vertically onto the subject. Note: The Epi-illuminator PM-LSD 2 is recommended for incident lighting. When the PM-EL 20 is used with the Macro Lens 20mm/F3.5 on the Macrophotographic Equipment PMT-35, it is recommended to mount the Adapter +0.5x in between the PM-MToB and the lens, to avoid the light path to be obstructed by the bellows rails. Its length of 1cm. adds +0.5x to the magnification of the 20mm/F3.5. The Adapter +0.5x is recommended when the PM-EL20 is used with the Manual Macro Lens 20mm/F3.5 on the PMT-35.

Centering Mirror PM-ELCS For use with these PM-EL units for accurate centration or for use with the Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE

PhotoMicro Group The photomicro Group has a close interface between OLYMPUS camera and microscope technology. At magnifications in excess of about 10x the best results can only be obtained by using the camera body in combination with microscope equipment where macrophoto equipment is stretched to the limits of its capabilities, and with subjects requiring special kinds of treatment, illumination, etc. Mainly developed for lab researchers in medical, scientific applications. In this field the OM System benefits from Olympus' huge experience as one of the world's leading manufacturers of optical microscopes, and a pioneer of photomicrography. The OM Photomicro Group provides adapters, stands, special shutters, electronically operated automatic exposure equipment, observation viewers and many other units that make photography of the infinitesimal a matter of routine for scientists, technicians and creative photographers.

microset1.jpg microset2.jpg microset3.jpg microsetOLD.jpg

* The setup at the far right was from an early Olympus catalogue back in the mid seventies.

The Group provides adapters so the cameras can be used with microscope equipment, sturdy stands to eliminate the crucial problem of vibration, special viewers and focus magnifiers, and equipment to measure both light intensity and color temperature, and determine exposures and filter requirements accordingly.

OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter L Connects the OM body to the microscope for low power magnification.

mircroadapt23.jpg35mm SLR
Camera Adapter PM-D35S Used with OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter H to attach the OM body to the PM-PBA or PM-PBM.

OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter H Connects the OM body to the photomicrographic system PM10, automatic or manual, or macrophotographic unit PMT-35 for high power magnification. Photomicrographic Supporting Stand PM-PSS* A massive stand that virtually eliminates all vibration in high magnification photography. It supports the entire weight of the camera, isolating it from the microscope. Manual Exposure Body PM-PBM * Features a special shutter release button to eliminate shutter vibration. A light measuring port is provided for use with the EMM-7 Exposure Meter.

Eyepiece Adapters PM-ADO, PM-ADP, PM-ADF* Fit eyepieces between the OM body and the microscope. Used together with the OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter L, PM-PBA or l'M-PBM.

Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBA* With a built-in CdS meter that measures directly through the eyepiece and selects exposures from 1/100 sec. to 32 minutes. Compensates automatically for reciprocity failure. Used together with the Automatic Exposure Control Box.

Automatic Exposure Control Box PM-CBA* Used to balance light for correct color temperatures. Eight filters are provided.

Exposure Meter EMM-7* Assures accurate control of both exposure and color temperature. Contains exposure and color temperature probes..

This exposure meter provides an accurate control of both exposure and color temperature with the Manual Exposure Body PM-PBM or Auto Bellows. Complete with exposure and color temperature probes, color compensating filters and adapter for use with the OM body. Note: TTL bodies such as OM2 and OM4 series does not require the EMM-7 because of its built-in automatic exposure control system. The Adapter PM-EA is required to use the EMM-7 with the Auto Bellows.

Screen Viewer PM-VSC * For use with objective lenses lower than 4x power. A hood reduces extraneous light on the viewing screen. 5x Magnifier* For use with the Screen Viewer for magnifying any part of the subject area and accurate focusing. Focusing Telescope PM-VS* For use with objectives 4x and up in conjunction with the Automatic or Manual Exposure Body for photomicrography. Focusing Magnifier FT* Used to magnify the image obtained by the Focusing Telescope.

Light Shield Tube PM-SDM * Designed for use with the Auto Bellows and Objective Lens Mount PM-MTob. Assures excellent images when used with FK photo eyepieces at the bellows length of 111mm, free of shutter vibration. * These units was originally presented together with OM2n around the late seventies, marketed by Olympus Microscopes division. Since Olympus has a separete division marketing these specialised units, availability and support for these older units is not known.

Accessories for Photomicrography

Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBA Automatically determines accurate exposure time, compensating for reciprocity failure.Auto-Photomicrographic System PM-10-A Consists of 17 units, including the PM-PBA, PM-CBA, etc. Manual Exposure Body PM-P8M A special shutter release button is integrated to eliminate shutter vibration.

Manual Photomicrographic System PM-1O-M This is a popular manual version of the PM-10, consisting of 8 units.

Adapter PM-EA Accepts the photosensitive probe of the EMM-7 Exposure meter in conjunction with the PMT-35 or auto Bellows. There are some additional information avaiable at Hans van Veluwen website. Photo Credit: J.Sorensen who has scanned direct from an OM leaflet.

Other Interesting possibilities: Adapt an OM SLR body to a Endoscope or Astroscope or older Olympus Pen-F Rangefinder camera etc. under OM Photo Technical Group of accessories.

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